Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday, April 15

Our dear Bondi has passed away this morning. I came out to the rescue center at 3:45 to check on Catsparella and then went to check on Bondi and Heaven. Bondi was curled up in her electric heater bed, already in the process of passing. I got to pet her a few minutes, before she passed, which I'm so thankful for. We will miss her very much. Bondi has become the boss of the Welcome Room Office. It was her office, her bed, her rugs and she made sure the other cats knew it. We all loved that bout her, because we remember, when she came to us, she was so so frail. While I have a sense of peace in her passing, I will very much miss her. She was a special cat, found by our volunteer Jenni who would always love on her, every time she would come to the rescue center. Thanks to you all for caring about her too.

Catsparella still hasn't delivered the kittens, although she seems a bit restless this morning and didn't eat her breakfast. Time will tell. There's never any rushing these situations--mother nature certainly is the caller here as to when the time is right. 

You may see Doce running around this week. His poor bum is really having trouble. The loose stools are under control now, but his anal sphincter muscle is not very good. It's so irritated. So, after talking to our vet last night, we're going to try a few things, including using the laser on his bum to help with the irritation.

Last night, we did two laser treatments--the one on Doce and one on Gallant. We can actually increase the amount of times that the laser can be used. I am so very grateful to our donor for this piece of equipment. Knowing we have another tool to help improve the life of the cats means a lot to me. 

The 7 kittens with Ruthie Ann are doing great. Won't be long until we let them come out and about. They are playing and playing and so having fun. Mama Ruthie Ann is a bit reserved--she is wonderful though at keeping all of her kittens happy. She's a good mama.

Our voting went up from .16% to .17%! I'm so happy about this. 13 more voting days. Please keep voting--it's almost over and then we're going to celebrate! Thanks to you all for the support you give to this Rescue Center. I am in awe of all of you. 

Short blog--want to spend some time with my kitties inside and with Heaven. She ate a good breakfast, has had lots of holding already today, but can definitely tell her condition has progressed. We'll give her lots of loving for you all too. 

Montana--one of the nicest cats ever. His fur is growing in!