Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thursday, April 18

TEN more voting days left! It's almost here--the finish and we're still ahead! Please don't let up on the voting yet--you can rest those fingers after the 28th! Thank you very much for this support and keeping us in first place. 

Kitty Q mama cat and her two babies, Ginger and Pumpkin are now in Dodger's Pen. Kitty Q is quite comfortable. Mama-to-be Catsparella is still "to-be"--no babies yet. The 7 kittens in Cat's Corner Room had two play times out into the main area yesterday and again this morning. They are doing real well.

We took in 5 new kittens yesterday--all so cute and fluffy. These are 5 long hair kittens, about 5 weeks old. Mama is being spayed today. While we prefer to let kittens be with their mamas longer, in this case, it was a wise decision to seperate early. Being outside and no people contact makes for wild kittens, also mama kept moving them around in the woods--too much danger and the human was worried she wouldn't be able to find them yet again. So...they are here now and have already been tested, wormed and bathed. Little fluff balls!

We had BOXES last night--we're so grateful for the generosity of you folks.
The family of Megan, Jonathon, Emily & Aiden and cats Milano and Oreo--6 rolls of Scotch brand packaging tape, 100 mailing envelopes and a roll of bubble wrap--all for the new Mail Room.
Anonymous Friend--2 cases of Appetizers
Derecho's Friend--a letter from Derecho (the official scribe for FFRC kitties) and a Lowe's Gift Card
Ellen E/kikimycat from FL--bag full of toys for the Covies. For the volunteers: candy treats!
Christy M--2 Tide HE laundry soap & 2 bottles of Mr. Clean
Julie P/Tigercat54 from TN--card, big bag of Song bird seed and a European Cypress tree in memory of kitties passing, with an angel ornament on it   We will get this beautiful little tree planted very soon.
Debra T/TXAuntie--card with a token and thank you note, box of appetizers, Sheba cans, Purrfectly Fish, a beautiful kitty umbrella, a case of Fancy Feast and a really neat brass kitty key holder
Nibbiesmommy--For Jack: a beautiful woven collar
Lynette R/lynnszs--sardine pasta recipe, 4 cans of sardines!
Cheryl G from TN--big bag of Royal Canin Kitten, 40 rolls of Charmin TP, 8 boxes of Kleenex, 4 pack tape and 100 mailing poly bags for our Mail Room
Michlynn--4 cases of Fancy Feast Fish & Shrimp
Kerswill--scratcher bowl cat bed, cat dancer toy, case of Fancy Feast Fish & Shrimp and a case of Fancy Feast kitten turkey
Carolyn G/carolyngranny3--case of Fancy Feast turkey kitten, 2 cases Appetizers and a case of Fancy Feast grilled
Jean H from OH--From Friend Diane to Volunteers--6 bags of California Medley snacks. For the Catathon: non slip headbands, Starlight Animal Rescue Books, kitty stickers, DVD Secrets of Jonathan Sperry, Walk by Faith calendar and a willow tree  pendant "Above All, Kindness"
Phyllis B/kittiesmom--coupons, comic strip!, Mr. Clean magic sponges, postie notes, TLC bag for Vols, bubble wrap (for Mail Room) and lots of kitty snackers
Schinn81--case of Friskies Variety and a case of Fancy Feast Grilled
Widdletigger--2 cases of Appetizers, case of Fancy Feast morning souffle and 2 bags of Wellness Kitty dry
Cheryl G--40 pounds Arm & Hammer litter
Anonymous Friend--175 feet Scotch Cushion Wrap & 40 pounds of Arm & Hammer litter
Vickie D from NC--3 pack lysol wipes, 2 very pretty cat collars, case of Fancy Feast gravy lovers and a case of Purrfectly Chicke3n
Maryann O/merry_marvin and kitties--Laurel Burch card, gift for Heaven and FFRC kitties--holistic snackers, pretty throw with owls/trees/flowers, Kitty bed (very soft) and a Ghiradelli chocolates for the volunteers  (loved the Heaven note)
Lois L/lannmi--bag of Royal Canin kitten and bag of Royal Canin Adult
Mary I/marysbaby3--4 bags of kitty snackers and 4 dollies (made by Pat Secrist Doll Collections)--these are really nice dolls that will either be for a Day Sale or the Catathon.
Paul_68--he asked Wanda to do a portrait of Jack to be given to Jack's mama, which we will gladly do. Thank you, Paul and Wanda
James P/littlebit20 and family--donation in memory of Bondi, Heaven and Orangey
Cathy H/Ordinarydiva--flowers were delivered--beautiful and are much welcomed
Moderators--flowers were delivered--thanks Mods, you're the best

Dion and Martin were super busy yesterday working in the new building. All the sheetrock is now on the walls too! Is beginning to really look like the 2 rooms now! They're here already today. Next the furnace guy has to apply one more "furnace part" and then the ceiling guy comes to apply a layer of "mud". The mud won't go on until 2 more weeks (at least that's what I'm told!). 

My definition of a volunteer: one who gives with their heart, their time, compassion and love to those that they are being of service too. One of the most important things we can do with our lives is to be of service to others, whether it be to people or animals. I know for a fact, that these cats here benefit highly from our volunteers. A volunteer can be anyone who helps us; and can be shown in many ways. My thanks to you! 

Ada Jane, all dressed up for the day! 
Ada Jane