Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thursday, April 11

What a very busy day yesterday was. I'm not sure a day could go any faster! Our week visitors, Becky and Blanche will be leaving today. Such wonderful people. They sure pitched in and helped us a lot! We always enjoy our visitors. 

Tomorrow night at 6 pm, will start our next Afghan Auction. We have two of them. A multi-colored striped one that measures 44 x 44 inches is item A. The second afghan, item B, is a pink & maroon afghan that measures 45 x 53, made by Wendi B. Both are beautiful afghans and we're proud to auction them off.

We took in a new mama cat, still in the process of giving birth yesterday morning. She was found in a neighboring county and had been "put outside" away from the 2 newborn kittens. When the police found her,  they retrieved the 2 babies, and took them to the local dog warden, who brought the group here. Unfortunately, she did have two other kittens, both with severe birth defects and deceased. So, this calico mama will be taking care of her family of two babies.

We also took in, almost at the same time, another very pregnant calico mama. I am hoping she holds off having her kittens for a few days, as she's very very thin and has several bite wounds that need some healing time. She's a sweetie and is enjoying all the attention. 

We also found out the biopsy report on Heaven. All 4 areas did indeed show squamous cancer cells. This is an aggressive cancer. Heaven is now out and about in the Rescue Center. Most of the time, she spends in the front office, napping with super soft blankies under her and on her. Each day is imortant to Heaven, so we will give her everything she needs. Love is uppermost and a sense of the right timing in consideration for her life. She's been given a thousand kisses and hugs, which she just soaks up. We will cherish each day she has with us.

The 3 new kittens (black/silver tiger, torti and black kittens) have joined the gang in Cat's Corner Room. We now have mama cat and her 3 babies, EB the smallest kitten and still nursing baby, and these 3 new ones. They're like one big happy family. Those kittens can really rock and roll in there! Their skin condition is dramatically improving daily. 

We had BOXES last night! This Rescue Center and I are very thankful. 
Conii & kitties Madissyn & Elliott--Kitty card and donation, vests for Solee (2), Derecho (1) and Cozarelii (2). These vests have the narrower neck bands and are very comfortable. Thank you, Conii.
Sue B/catloverhere--2 containers of HE Tide laundry soap, and a box of GUmmy bear snackers for the Volunteers
Elisabeth/Widdletigger--2 different sizes of packing poly envelopes
Gramma June for Derecho & Cozarelii--case of Merrick Gourmet cat food, jerky snackers for the cats
Eileen M--in honor of Heaven--bag of Royal Canin babycat dry food, case of Royal Canin baby can
Jatcat--box cutters & letter openers, 12 cans of Sheba canned food, and 2 super mega bags of kitty snackers
Aunty Fi--For Lynnette & Paul--a giant case of Pepsi (their favorite!)
Linda S/mls9620--collector cat plates (cubs of the big cats), numbered & certificate of authenticity
Nancy/strange168--picture of her kitty Missy (who loves/admires Gallant!)
Maggie J from MA--picture of Frankie & Mickey, toys, stamps, lots of cat nip mats (will be going for another Day Sale), Appetizers, case of Sheba, case of Blue canned, cat snackers
Irene B/ladydoc--organizer to help Jacci, 3 wonderful, beautiful quilts--so thankful for these, quilted mantle scarf, butterfly mini quilt for wall, XL Melon color sweater made by Ladydoc, quilted multi-colored XL jacket
Jo (friend of Jenni & mom to 5 CH kitties)--kitty dishtowels, kitty pillow, 3 pet hair rollers, Sign: Welcome to my place, kitty welcome banner, "family" frame, LOTS of individuallyw rapped toys, candle, kitty "got fish" mat, cat toy box, pillow "Meow", Rug "I love my dinner", kitty mask, dog bone/paw trash basket, dog frame "woof", kitty mug, watercolor original paintings, and some kitty prints numbered from a gallery, 2 spools of cat ribbon  (extra big thanks!)

We also read a letter from Faith M, regarding the passing of her sister BBmeg, who is a friend to many of our chatters. Joann L/tomarli wrote a wonderful kitty poem that was read on cam--thanks, Joann. And then our chatter friend, Faithy also wrote 2 poems, 1 for Derecho and 1 for Heaven, both of which were read on the cam. Very beautiful & meaningful. 

I also have thanks to give to:
Maria L--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Gusti--donation for FFRC, in memory of bbmeg
Henry E--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Hayley B from Canada--paypal for FFRC thru PayPal

Seventeen days!  Yes, that's all we have left to vote. We started this contest in first position, haven't wavered from it, and hope to goodness we will still be in first place on 4/28! It's been a very long and close voting contest, but thanks to YOU, we have kept our lead. Please vote and promote! I am so appreciative. 

Let's end this blog with the Derecho poem, from Faithy!
Derecho, sweet Derecho
The cat that goes both to & fro
This little Weeble may fall down
But don't you fret & don't you frown
For he's up again and on his way
To find another game to play.

But he wobbles straight into your heart
Straighter than a cupids dart
For though his legs may not obey
His spirit seems to know the way
At least it seems that way to me
So wobble on my sweet sweet D
And know that you have won us all
No matter how oft you may fall.

A young Derecho!
Derecho by FoFRCphoto