Saturday, April 6, 2013

Saturday, April 6

Betz--what a wonderful cat. I am sitting at my desk, with Betz in her usual position. In my lap, with her head on my left hand, purring away. Makes for more difficult time to type, but she sure is happy! Love this cat!

Gallant received his last laser treatment at Dr. P's yesterday. We're all impressed with this healing. He is just an excellent cat. During his treatment, he dozed off! Nothing fazes him! 

We have some fantastic news. An anonymous donor has made a donation for FFRC to purchase OUR VERY OWN LASER EQUIPMENT! I am thrilled beyond words and utterly grateful. This means we can help healing in many directions--everything but cancer cells. The laser treatments enhance healing. Because of this purchase and talking to us and our vet's office about Gallant's progress, the company will sell both our vet's office and  us this equipment, brand new, at a reduced cost, with a full 5 year warranty. To our anonymous donor--I am so so grateful. You've made it possible to help alot of cats here at FFRC. 

Heaven also went to the vet's office yesterday. Four different areas of tissue were taken for biophys. We won't know the full report until Tuesday. I do feel the need to tell you though, that both vets feel this is a fast paced cancer. We are already seeing a progress of  this deterioration on the face. But, she's so so happy, eating great, is in no discomfort and is enjoying herself. She loves to be held and pampered, which of course we are doing. We give, she takes, she gives, we take. It's a great combo and we love it! For as long as we have Heaven with us, we will show her tons of love. 

Today is the Day Sale! 9:00 right there on the webkittycam. We'll see you there with lots to show you. Thanks for your support!

The construction guys were here yesterday again. Doors went on, roof shingled and the house-wrap put on. Next week the furnace guys will be here to put in the duct work. So exciting. We have great plans for these two rooms!

I talked to Badu's mama yesterday--all is well and I'm so relieved. She sprawls out on the table, has made the back of the couch her bird-watching zone, lays beside her mama while watching tv and sounds like she's very happy. 

We had BOXES last night!
Darcia, Nicholas, Brendan--Day Visitors--catnip toys, volunteer cookies, fancy feast, litter, laundry soap, Iams adult, Royal Canin baby dry and volunteer snacks! We thoroughly enjoyed their visit!
Kikimycat from FL--Lysol wipes, Windex, Mr. Clean, stickers for Hannah, BD card for the Woodies
Widdeltigger--2 laundry soap, case of Wellness can food
Michlynn--5 beautiful hand knitted ruffled scarves--absolutely gorgeous
Sevren--fluffy collars for kitty photos
Rosemary & Schalk B with Spikey from South Africa--card, a beautiful hand crocheted yellow scarf and hat set, blue scarf and hat set, an afghan that is so perfect and chocolate from Africa!!Extra thanks!
Beachkatz/Karla C with Mikey, Buddy & Sweetpea from OR--card to the Sr. kitties from her senior kitties. Donation in honor of her birthday, cat snackers, appetizers, Fancy Feast and sardines
Conii G and her Madissyn and Elliot--2 pink beds, 3 blue beds, 3 teal beds, 2 pink blankies, pink and blue stuffed bunnies and a gorgeous stained glass kitty picture of front office (all things color-coordinate to kitty room, June's Room--what fun!)
Brenda W with Domino, Spikey, Josie, Soma and Wiggles from MI--note and recipe for sardine yummy, payment for cookbook
Steve & Nancy S with Lani and Neko from FL--BD card for the Woodie cats and a wonderful story of cats
St. Paul/St Johns Lutheran Church from Paulding--letter from Derek with a donation and a donation from the church ladies too! Extra special thanks to Derek!
Jim T and family with Smokey, Blackie and Callie--donation for Emaline who is a twin to Callie and a letter from Callie
Trudy S from Bran--thank you note and a donation
Joyce from CA--birthday card for Queen Bella!
Ladydock/Irene--birthday card for Jacci with kitties singing
Erika B & Cathy O with Saki, Kobi, Lucy and Papeeto from FL. This is the family that will be adopting WILLARD soon! A Dr. Seuss card and donation, pics of Willards family-to-be
Nadine--a gift card from Lowes--big thanks
Jaden--sent his birthday money for FFRC---Happy Birthday to you!

We received our PetFinder's Report. The top 12 cats viewed were: Maui, Badu, Zelda, OCtavia, County, Goodness, Farrah, Darily, MaCallan, Cypress.

We took in a new mama cat and 3 kittens yesterday. The kittens are 5 weeks old--2 whites, 1 torti. Mama is also a white cat. All 4 of them are sweet and friendly. They will be staying in Thumper's Room for a while do to a skin condition, but already under treatment. All will be fine. We will show them again on the cam when we do a tour! 

We have officially made 2 cats here Resident Cats. Farrah and Kiara have joined the ranks of being permanent FFRC cats. The reason is simple. They both have been here a number of years. Farrah's seizures and emotional attachment here has made it where people pass her over. We won't, as we love her to pieces. She will always be Farrah FFRC now. Kiarra has been adopted three times, but all three times was brought back here due to unbearably saddness. She would cry, moan and hide. She frightens easily at noises. I feel strongly that Kiara has her heart here at the rescue center and is now Kiarra FFRC. We will love them both forever. 

Please remember to vote! We're still in #1, but it's close! We have 22 more voting days left.

How cute is this?!