Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday, April 8

Our Day Sale was wonderful, fast and successful and I'm very grateful for the support of this Sale. It helped us reduce our inventory so it'll be easier to move into the Mail Room and also helped FFRC financially. I am very appreciative. We will be working on those orders today and getting them sent as soon as we can. Thanks to Joyce D for providing us with a pizza lunch!

We also ended our Afghan Auction. Both afghans were made by Wendi B who has been wonderful to provide us with several afghans. The winning bid on the Pink/Purple afghan was $107 and was placed by Chancecat. The winning bid on the Blue/Maroon/Teal/Tan afghan was $220 and was placed by Newfidogmom. Thanks too to Janak who donated $23 to round the total up. The auction raised $350. Thanks to all who have donated the wonderful items as well as all those who are bidding on them! More to come!

We had an adoption yesterday! The family that had adopted Hannah in October has returned for another cat. They have chosen Betz, who I think will fit right in! This Saturday, the family that will be adopting Willard will be here. How exciting! 

We had BOXES on Saturday night. You are appreciated!
Faithy--card for Cozarelii's birthday with a note
Janet S from IL--card and a letter, cookbook payment
Sue B/catloverhere--note and a package of spring toys
Norma F/mmirella from Puerto Rico--birthday card
Jean M/Annette20 from CA--a bless you bear card & note, payment for blankie
Philip & Cleo--a set up from for the beginning of our mail set up for the new Mail Room! Thanks bunches.
Twocatsdad from MI with Gizmo & Comet--card and note from Comet and an awesome Hoochie Coochie Dancing Kitty for Kabana Room!
Sonjamac from Canada--case of Fancy Feast gravy Lovers, case of Fancy Feast fish Itten. 
Mary B/mj--a donation to FFRC thru PayPal 
Brooke B from OH--a donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Gusti from Germany--donation to cover a monkey blankie for Lynnette! 

We spent quite a bit of yesterday in the barns, doing spring barn cleaning and making sure the barn cats are happy and clean. They are all fine and quite happy. 

It is now time to get serious about our upcoming Catathon. I will be posting a blog very soon on the Catathon. It's getting closer and will be super exciting and fun! 

The new construction is doing good. Sometime this week, the furnace guys will come and put in the furnace vents and duct work. We did get the dog's fence put back up and they're happy! 

Jimmy is to be released from the hospital today! His surgery was Friday. Please keep Jimmy and Paul both in your prayers.

Joyful and Bondi were both interested in coming into the rescue center this morning, which of course, we let them. Neither one stayed long, but it was a nice thing that they wanted to visit. Heaven had a bit of a difficult morning today. Tomorrow her biopsys will be in. She is right now napping in my lap, curled around a blankie and sleeping quietly and deeply. We love her so, and just want her days to be happy and filled with love.  

Mama and her 3 kittens are now in June's Room. They were playing so hard in their Thumper's Room Pen, they were shaking it! So, it was time to move them! They are so sweet. Each day they get their fungus ointment applied twice daily and their fungal medicine once daily. They take it without any trouble! They LOVE their mama and it's so sweet to watch them play.

Kiara--another of our newest acknowledged residents.

Farrah--one of our newest acknowledged residents.