Saturday, April 27, 2013

Saturday, April 27

One more day left to vote--Sunday is the final voting day! Oh my, we're so excited. This represents a whole lot of votes from you all and a whole lot of thanks from us. We're going to win this thing!!

We are having such a lot of fun here with our visitors. Lots of visitors, lots of getting to know each other. They have also been doing a lot of work here--organizing, feeding babies, folding laundry, scooping, painting, washing Kitty City walls down, etc.

We will have BOXES this evening, but first will be the LIVE AFGHAN auction, starting at 6:00 pm. This will be our first one, will be fun and will happen right there on the chat kitty cam. If you would like to bid, simply put your bid on the chat. You can raise the bid anywhere from $1 to $30 at a time. Please, during the live auction, keep all other chat off the board, so we can concentrate on the bids. I wonder who will be the top bidder tonight?!!

It's going to be a very busy day here today, but if possible, we may open the mail at some point, instead of waiting until tonight. Not sure of the time, but by doing this, it will help us with tonight's boxes.

As many of you know, Derecho was a bit under the weather yesterday. He was very sluggish and had a very high fever. Soon after receiving his three injections, he was feeling much better. We checked on him frequently, making sure he was resting a lot yesterday. The last two temp checks were normal and this morning he was back at his "breakfast spot". Last I saw him, he was in the Kabana Room, laying on the rug that is under his Movie Poster! He wants everyone to know that that is HIM!

Bits and Pieces:
*  Many thanks to Jane L who made a donation thru PayPal for FFRC
*  I'd also like to extend a special birthday wish to Cathy H/Ordinary Diva today. Have a great day.
*  Many thanks to Becky M and her daughter Kristen for their help at the last feeding of the 6 kittens,    before bedtime. This helps me tremendously, to know that last feeding was covered.
*  We are rapidly trying to get all of the Day Sale items mailed. We have the vast majority already on their way to the buyers, but still have a bit to go.
*  Many thanks too to the moderators that had a surprise cake made for FFRC. The design was great--sardines in a can!
*  Janet is here from New Zealand. She's been visiting New York, Washington DC and Boston. She arrived here yesterday with Napa, another moderator.
*  The word is....the ceiling workers will be here sometime next week. After they are done, then the walls can be started inside the new extended Thumper's Room and the Mail Room.
*  I saw the first birds at the new feeders outside the Kitty Kabana Room. The cats loved it.

Take care to everyone, have a wonderful weekend, keep voting and please spay or neuter your cat if he/she is not done yet, or take an unowned neighborhood cat in to be neutered or spayed. YOU can make a huge difference in this very high cat overpopulation problem.

This is the afghan for tonight's Live Auction. It's called "Cats on a Rail".
Cat Stitch Afghan Closeup