Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tuesday, April 16

Yesterday was a day of sadness  yet a day of gratitude. We lost three precious cats all in one day. Our  wonderful Bondi, as mentioned in yesterdays blog, passed away in the early morning hours. How different that Welcome Room Office feels. Her presence is missed. She had love to give, yet enough "sass" to make her stubborn enough to make life fun! 

Our oldster barney cat, Orangey, a gold tiger boy, passed away in the afternoon. He's been with us a long long time. As you may know, our barn cats have many names--it seems like different people would call them different names, but to me, he was Orangey. A sweet old boy. Jimmy has been helping him all winter and even gave the grey barn cats their own heat source which they loved. I think Orangey just got tired out. 

Our third cat to pass was our Heaven girl. She was here just a little over 2 weeks. As many of you know, she had cancer on her face. Her beauty came from within. She had so so much love to give. She was like a sponge--she soaked up all the hugs, kisses and love we gave her and then when we hugged her, she would squeeze it back to us. She was so loved. She passed away in the early evening.

All three of these cats were loved and cared for. All three have caused me a million tears to flow yesterday and today. But, how is it possible to grieve so much for this loss, but yet be so thankful? It's true. I am utterly grateful for all three of these cats, that they spent part of their lives with us here. I am also grateful to you all "out there" who has much love for our FFRC cats and kittens. This rescue work is sometimes tough, but the joy it brings far outweighs the sad parts. Having memories too is a wonderful gift.  

Our sweet Catsparella still hasn't had her kittens. I can't possibly think it'll be much longer though. Kitty Q's kittens now have their eyes cracked open a bit. They can now see the world! 

Please remember to pre-order your 2013 FFRC Cat Lover's Cookbook Volume II. The cost is $28 in the USA and $33 if they are to be shipped outside of the USA. The new cookbook has over 650 new recipes. Follow this link to order: fofrescue.org/the-ffrc-cat-lovers-cookbook-for-2013/

Many thanks to you, our supporters:
Lucy P--donation thru PayPal in memory of Heaven, Bondi and Orangey 
Lynne W--donation thru PayPal
Kelly S from MD--a donation thru PayPal in memory of that feisty Bondi
Cheryl G from TN--a donation thru PayPal for the Feliz Navidad Fund, in memory of Bondi
Sheila H from Canada--a donation thru payPal in memory of Bondi
Jean and Neil S from OH--a donation in memory of Bondi, thru PayPal
Daydreamz2 from IA--a donation in memory of Bondi, thru PayPal

I believe we now have the last of the past Day Sale orders sent, except for a few we haven't received a check or PayPal for. The last pile went out yesterday. If by the end of the week, you haven't received yours, please don't hesitate to let me know. Thank you. We try to get it right 100% on the packing and shipping. I understand one of the glass garden items didn't make it to its home in one piece. Let me know if any other orders arrived damaged. Thanks!

This Saturday at 11:00 am (FFRC time) will be our next Day Sale. We have more of the catnip beds, Leggydews/Angie too blankies, big cat and domestic cat collector plates, and many items that we have not done before. Please join us--it'll be fun and a wonderful way to help us.

As of today, we have 12 voting days left. Please keep voting!

I would like to thank the moderators for the beautiful spring flowers they sent to the rescue center. Made my day and brought a smile. Thanks to you all for caring. It amazes me how, even though, most of you can't reach out and actually touch these cats and kittens, that you genuinely care. For that, I am grateful. 

Our newly painted Kitty Campus Room!
Kitty Campus

Kitty Campus