Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Weds., April 17

Today will be a good day--it's a day to start afresh. So, to make the day get off to a fun start, the door to Kitty Campus Room was opened for about an hour this morning. It took little Karena about 5 seconds to come barreling out the door, straight into the front office and then she just stood there, like "what happened and where am I?"  It was so funny. Right behind her was the rest of the gang--7 total were out and about, including tiny little bit EB. Karena though is hilarious--she hardly stopped running. Ratchet and Sara were also out exploring everywhere. That Arden and Jannuka were sticking today and climbing the base of the palm tree. I found Keesha clear in the Kitty Kabana room in the banana bed. This will step up the pace here today!

I'd like to move Kitty Q and Ginger and Pumpkin to Dodger's Pen this morning. Right now it's full of the pet first aid kits that we're making for Catathon. But, those can be moved and Kitty Q can move in. It'll be good for her to be here with us, where we can pet her even more. The two babies have eyes even more open today and can wobble around a bit now. Their tummies are so sweet and round.

Many thanks for the following donations. We sure do appreciate it.
Nancy E--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Sheila H from Canada--donation in memory of Heaven and Orangey
Clynette M from CA--donation in memory of Bondi, Orangey and Heaven
Caren F from CA--donation in memory of Bondi, Heaven and Orangey
Halosmom& Halosdaddy from NY--donation in memory of Bondi
Dawn H from MI--donation thru PayPal for FFRC

As you know, we love sharing our kitties and cats on the kittycam! It makes for a big happy cat family! It's amazing to me the love and care and compassion that comes thru the cam, from you to us. That's part of the reason we always try to keep you all updated and to show the cats to you. I so much appreciate when I see people telling one another "thank you" for something that person has done, or a "sure glad to have you on", or those "please" means the most to me. When people are asking us here at the rescue center something, it's nice to see that Please added on. Instead of "move the flower", seeing "Can you move the flower so we can see better please", sure is nice to see. I'm sure you understand. We will try and accommodate  but keep in mind, much of the time, we can't watch the chat--we're busy taking care of the rescue center! Thanks!

Oh my, do we have BOXES! I didn't do boxes Monday or Tuesday night, and there's a bunch of them! I believe we will start BOXES at 5:45 tonight to give us a head start! So, please jot that down if you'd like to join us--5:45 pm (FFRC time). I can't wait to see what's in them. Already been shaking and rattling a few of them. And actually, there's a one that has 3 cats sleeping inside it at the moment. They got the top opened, and jumped in. I heard this rattling going on in the box and was a bit startled till I peeked and saw the sleeping mound of fur on the crinkle paper! 

We had Dion and Martin working all day in the new construction rooms yesterday. All of the sheetrock is now up on the ceiling! Wow--lots of progress is being made. The furnace guys will be here today to complete their ductwork (almost done though!). The electric main line was also taken from the front of the rescue center, thru the attic and put into the Mail Room. Progress is being made! When things settle a bit, and the rain stops, they want to also get the forms in for the two sidewalk areas--one in front of Kitty Kabana and the other from the back of the parking lot to the Cat's Cove. No more muddy feet for the volunteers and visitors! 

Pretty Preakness!