Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday, April 14

Oh my garsh--we're almost there! Two weeks from today is the last day of voting--we've almost made it, folks! Please, keep voting, ask a friend to vote, spread it on your facebook, ask the neighbor, give a note to a family member with the link--oh, there's so many ways to get votes! Thanks bunches for your help and support.

We had BOXES last night. We are very beholden to you all.
PhilnCleo from NJ--case of Temptation kitty snackers
Debbie C/LostGirl--4 big bottles of TIde HE
KC/KittyCanada 1 from Canada with Justin & Michelle--Kitty Cabana bed for the Kabana Room, with leopard print, 4 packages of kitty note cards, donation
Lynne W--donation to FFRC thru PayPal

We also had the closing of another afghan auction. These are so much fun and the support shown thru these are awesome. We closed the auction at 6 pm sharp last night. The top bidder for Afghan A (rainbow) went to Elisabeth/Widdletigger for $240. The top bidder for Afghan B (maroon/pink) went to Kelly R/littleonemine for $220. Thanks Wendi B for the wonderful Rainbow Afghan. Thanks too to Autumn Kitty/Anna B who donated $40 to bump the total amount to $500. What a great auction! 

We have a Petfinder Weekly Report. The top 13 cats that have been viewed this past week are: Farrah, Octavia, Badu, Betz, Maui, Willard, Weber, County, Cypress, Goodness, Spruce, Zelda, Dahnay.

For those that did not catch it on the BOX time, I would like you all to know that Bondi and Heaven are here for a short time yet. The time they have had with FFRC, has been filled with love, kisses and anything they've desired. They've been doted on. We will keep you informed. 

Joyful's eye is better today. She's not too keen on us cleaning that eye, but she tolerates it. And I do believe she still loves us! She's a beauty. The 2 kittens of Kitty Q's tummies are big and bigger. The milk supply is plentiful. Our sweet Catsparella hasn't had her kittens yet. She stretches way out and sleeps that way--looks like a stick with a watermelon bump! She herself was born to purr! Such a sweetie. It causes everyone to smile, to go into Cat's Corner Room and see that pile of kittens sleeping on top of one another!

Jack has been in water heaven. We lay two big towels on the floor, with a tub of water on top--all for Jack's pleasure. He'll sit there and paw and paw at it. But, he still likes those waterbowls too. Loves to empty them out! 

Yesterday, I walked out into the Kabana Room and had to laugh! Three cats sleeping in the banana bed, 2 cats sleeping inside the strawberry bed and 2 kittens sleeping inside the fish bed.  And yet, 3 more cats sleeping in the house under the palm tree. What a bunch of napping cats. Then I walked into Thumper's Room, and there was Joyful sleeping in the other strawberry bed. Good for a smile!

He knows he's handsome....Polo!