Saturday, April 20, 2013

Saturday, April 20

Kitty Q gets the award for the best cat mama ever. Yesterday, we took in 6 new little kittens, just a tad older than her two own kittens, Pumpkin and Ginger. Their mama was killed on the road. Kitty Q took them in, didn't even blink an eye at them--they immediately became a part of her family. There are two blacks, two brown tiger, 1 grey, 1 grey tiger--ever so cute. I'm grateful Kitty Q would open her heart to them--much better for the kittens, much easier for us! As they continue to nurse, she'll produce more and more milk. They are all in Dodger's Pen.

Our other family of 5 fluffy kittens are doing great. They are still in Thumper's Room--have two pens combined to make one, so it gives them some play room. They are all eating good. Names will happen very soon.

Catsparella.......still no babies! She is waiting her own sweet time. It's just not time yet. She came out yesterday, from her room, did a couple walk-abouts, then went back into her room. She's eating good, looks good and seems contented.

Doce is doing awesome. His little bum problem seems to be no longer a problem. He's pottying just fine now. He was in the house all day yesterday. Between him and the three Z's, there was a whole lot of romping going on. Such fun they have!

Haven't heard an update yet on Walter. Will keep you all posted.

Today is our Day Sale! It starts at 11:00 am (FFRC time). Come join the fun on the cam and see what FFRC has for sale. These Day Sales help us financially and we are grateful. To designate that you would like to buy something, you must be signed in. Remember, mobile units watching the cam are about 5-10 seconds behind. That, we cannot change on our end! The moderators play a big part of our sales. During the sales, they'll ask you to keep the chat strictly to the buying process. If not, it's too hard to pick out the buyers chat. We will show the items in sections, offer those to be bought, chatters put up their desire to buy, and then the MOD transfers that back to us. There will also be a designated mod, just for PM's. Don't worry--this goes really smooth and you'll see how easy it is! 

We had BOXES last night! Grateful, thankful are we!
Kikimycat--BD card for Joyful with a beautiful poem
Vickie D from NC with Hershey, her 12 year old Inkie--card
Lois & Val from WI--BD card, Hoops n YoYo
Courtney T from ME--donation for FFRC
Faithy from MD--BD card for Joyful
Hencass/Cassandra--list for the Amish basket that she sent--thanks!
School Class--Thank you card for the tour of the rescue center and talk
Joseph & Rhonda--BD card for Goodness
Nibbiesmommy/Christy w/Kiko & Lotus--Kitty card in rememberance of Orangie, Bondi and Heaven and a Visa gift card
Marysbaby/Mary & Jim with Nina, Baby and Cody--sympathy card in memory of Orangie, Bondi and Heaven
Kelly R--card with paw prints
Cheryl G from TN--6 giant rolls of paper towels
Eileen--CK Reader, For Heaven's Sake and 5 packs of coil toys
Ellen/furkitty & Pat/cathouze--3 cases of appetizers and a case of Fancy Feast
MLS9690/Linda S--colored paper, 2 reams of printer paper, Scotch 2 inch tape, stretch band aids and gauze3
Julie P/Auntie Julie from TN--in memory of Orangie, Bondi and Heaven--kitty flag and metal rod holder
Arden & Charmaine--Day Visitors--donation for FFRC. Brought to FFRC by daughter Becky. We so enjoyed their visit!
JoAnn C--donation to FFRC
Joyce--pizza for after the Day Sale today!

You all know how I feel about our volunteers--they are the best ever and I am deeply grateful to them. They give over and over selflessly of their time and love. I would also like to express my thanks to our FB admins and Cam moderators. They have a tough job and they can't reach in here and hug a cat when the going gets rough. Please, always be courteous on facebook and in the cam chat. Remember, we are a cyber family--truly we are. It's a little different as we can't read each other completely without a visual lock in on a face or hear the way words are spoken. So--always think before pressing that button to send your words into cyberspace. Thank you!

We got the bird feeders up in front of the Kitty Kabana windows yesterday. They look awesome and hopefully will attract even more birds. We enjoy watching the birds and the cats do too! 

The 7 kittens of Ruthie Ann's have been running all over--they can fly around here! Such a joy to watch them. Cutie has been doing her baby-bathing again. She loves the big cushies and when a kitten crawls up there, Cutie hooks it and bathes it! 

This is a picture of Walter! What a sweetie he looks like. Can't wait to hug him.