Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thursday, April 25

Walter is here! Yes, that sweet grey kitten is finally here! Angie and I drove to Ashland, OH yesterday to pick him up. His foster mom is wonderful and does excellent cat work. I am appreciative of her. We saw Walter in an upstairs bedroom where he could see out the windows. I loved meeting him and couldn't wait to hold him. On the way home, he went from Angie to me and back again. Some napping, some looking out the window, but always wanting a hand on him! Such a sweet boy. His CH is a bit different than our other CH cats. He can walk very well. He has a head bobble and a head swing. When he's calm, he has much control. When he has his "startle response", his motions are much exaggerated. But, once he calms, it's back to relaxed mode again. His vision seems fine, but it does appear that he has no hearing. But his other senses are already highly tuned. What a lovey. He's already been out cruising a bit and loves to play with the toys.

Our 5 "college cats" are coming back today. We will get a full medical report of what happened while they were at the vet tech school. Dr. Don has called daily to keep me posted. I'll let you know tomorrow all the details of their check-ups.

Please remember, if you want to order the 2013 FFRC cookbook, you may want to do so soon. The link is:

Many thanks to the following:
Glynette M from CA--a donation in memory of Jack's 21 years.
Marilyn B from IL--a donation for Walter
Sheila H from Canada--a donation in memory of Jack
Oracle Assoc. LLC, in behalf of Lana--a donation to FFRC, for the kitties
Judith M from NH--a donation for the new kitties

The Covies are doing great out in Cat's Cove. We are getting Kitty City scrubbed top to bottom. The Covies love their spring/summer/fall home. We welcome our visitors to always visit them! 

Thru the weekend, we will have many visitors here from the webcam. The first to arrive are Deb111 and WarpedinMn/Connie and hubby. They are all from MN. More visitors are coming. We love to have visitors!

The kitties are all doing great. Kitty Q's kittens and Catsparella's kittens are growing. They look good and sure love their mamas. Ruthie Ann continues to keep the 12 kittens in line, although I'm sure sometimes she thinks she's lost total control, when they're running so crazily from room to room!

We had BOXES last night! Many thanks for your support.
Kristen P and family--litter, clorox wipes, PT, small plates, snackers, toys & more toys, kitty wipes, baby food, catnip toys, dry kitten food and plastic bags
Deb1111 and Connie/WarpedinMn & hubby-2 loaves of banana nut bread, 40 boxes of 40 ob litter, volunteer goods (chips, candy and more chips), heavy duty sewing machine for volunteer to make items for FFRC, paper towels. Connie also brought 6 of her beautiful weaved rugs (24 x 36) for either the Day Sales or the Catathon.
Patty V/middiemom04 from MA--5 cases of Fancy Feast fish & shrimp, 2 cases Natural Choice canned food, bag of Eukanuba kitty dry and 12 bricks of bird suet
FFRC Friends--scratchers for the cats! An S shaped one, lounge, alligator, whale scratchers and a box of Whisk. kitty food
Widdletigger--8 cans of pink salmon!
Diane P--case of Fancy Feast kitten and a case of Fancy Feast adult
Loricat13--2 bottles of Tide HE and a case of Brawny paper towels
Bill/billypogo & Bonnie G from Virginia--a beautiful Story of Heaven (10 good things about Heaven) written by Bonnie, 5 books "True Tales of a Bobble Head Cat (CH cats). One book goes to Amy for her school class, one for the Butterfly class, 2 cat nip tail toys, a "Z" tshirt for Jacci, a nice cat plaque, 4 kitty snackers, baby rice, baby turkey, 4 catnip mice, 2 kitty shaped ice cube trays, a stuffed Bruno/Zelda for the snuggle safe. Give your kitties a pet from us all!
Ronald--blue plastic baskets with handles for the Mail Room
Jatcat--computer and printer and adaptor (special thanks!)
TippynTraylorand Ashleytoo--HB card for Farrah and a beautiful purple collar with a purple heart that says "Farrah" on front and "FFRC Moss Defiance Ohio" on back!!!
Tabbycatkid with Swiftpaw, Sterling and Greypaw--letter and a fantastic book--Simons cat Kitchen Chaos. And it's signed by the author Simon Tofield !! A very special book--will be for the Catathon
Octavia's Shopping Helper--4 bags of volunteer candy, 5 boxes of Nutra grain bars, canned clams, case of Sardines, 6 big candy bars, case of salmon, 2 boxes of Turtles candies and 2 cases of 9 lives and there was also a gift for Amy, from her kitties!--I'm not sure how Octavia manages all of this, but we're happy! 

Tonight I'll be going to an education class about our laser equipment, at Dr. Pettigrew's office, so there won't be boxes. 

Our 6 kittens that were with Kitty Q are doing good. We are syringe feeding them. What messy little kittens! They've already had a bath this morning. They are close to start eating on their own, but not quite yet. They'd love to be with Kitty Q and she would love it too, but they have made her very sore and we don't want that. So, we're playing mama cat again!

We have THREE more voting days left and we're still in first place!!! Please keep voting. It's so so exciting. We're planning on a party on Wednesday, here at the Rescue Center.

We're going to have a LIVE afghan auction on Saturday at 6:00 pm (FFRC time). Anyone interested in bidding on this afghan will need to do it on the CAM CHAT, so you must be signed in. Remember, if you're on a mobile unit, you may be 5-10 seconds behind. Please know that sometimes things get a little "buggy" too since we're dealing with the internet and ustream! Bids can be raised anywhere from $1 to $30. All that you'll need to do to bid, is to pop your amount there on the chat. Please, keep the chat to bids only during the live auction. That will help us to pick out the bids. This can be a lot of fun! The afghan that will be up for bid is the famous Cat on the Fence afghan. It's beautiful--black, grey and white, made by Theresa M's mom. The bidding will continue until there's a significant pause in the bidding, then we will give the Going once, going twice, going three times to............." !

Here's the beautiful afghan that will be up for LIVE afghan Saturday 6:00 pm (FFRC time). 
cat auction.jpg