Monday, April 1, 2013

Monday, April 1

What a beautiful day! It's cold outside, but the sun is shining. As far as I know the construction goes like this, this week: Tuesday the ground will be dug up, leveled, stoned and made ready for the concrete that will come in the afternoon. I believe the Amish crew will be here Thursday to put up all the walls, windows and roof! How exciting. Can't wait. The mail room will be an extremely well used room. Kitty season is right around the corner and that new extended Thumper's Room will be a big help to us as a quarantine room. 

Many thanks to:
Dorothy H from UK--donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Pat B/CatHouze3 & Ellen N/Furkitty--a donation to FFRC to help sponsor Farrah
WISCcatmom/Rita S-F from WI--a donation to FFRC, in memory of her Frankie who passed away a year ago.

Wow--Saturday was a wonderful adoption day! First, our Mach left. He went into a home with a child to keep him busy! Mach's home is in Ottawa, not far from here. Then we had a family with 2 children that adopted both Sequoia and Static. They went to a Defiance family.Then our Bev was next to find a home. She went with Whitney/Whitster's mom Bev! They had a 3 hour drive to get here. We've already heard from Bev and all is well! Then Steve hand delivered Macallan to the home where Micah is! Micah seemed to welcome Macallan. My phone call later on Saturday was the answer I wanted to hear--they were napping together on the couch! 

I also have big news for you all. Sweet sweet Badu is in her new home. I wanted so very badly for her to stay in my household but after continued disagreements between her and my Z's, I couldn't do it. I love her so much and my heart was very heavy at letting her go. She went to a home near by, with a lady who is home all the time and wants a TV friend. I've called already once on Saturday and again on Sunday and all seems to be going good. Badu likes her table, like she did here and her couch too. She is the only cat. Just what we wanted, except for my missing her, all is well. I will keep in close contact with how she is doing. If it doesn't work out, she will be returned. 

So, all in all, that made 6 adoptions for Saturday. 

Beautiful Badu
Badu by FoFRCphoto