Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday, April 28

Today is it! It's the final day of voting. Can you believe it? It has been a very long 4 months, but we are now at the finale of it. Click that vote button for the last time today and then rest! The waiting then begins. We won't know the official announcements until Weds. morning. I am so utterly grateful for YOU....the people who have made this all possible! 

Last night was the first live afghan auction that we've ever had. Though we didn't have a real auctioneer, it was still a lot of fun! The auction lasted for 9 minutes and then it was a, going once, going twice and the auction was over! The winner of the afghan was Slickieboy and the winning bid was for $780! Can you believe it? It was awesome! Then to top it off, Oilsandgirl made it an even $1,000 by donating $220! What wonderful people!

Today was a very busy day. All the visitors pitched in and helped us do afternoon treatments. We trimmed toenails, cleaned ears, weighed the cats and kittens, caught up on a few vaccinations and wormings and flea preventions. The cats also have received a good amount of grooming. It was great to have so much help. The cats have had tons of attention and TLC, which they have thoroughly enjoyed.

We also had BOXES last night. You are so giving, we are so thankful!
Judy W from OH--Chief receipts
Susan TC from OH--donation
Aunty Julie/Julie C from MA--card for Magenta, 3 sheets of stamps and a gift card for Walmart for Magenta
Chris & Tom W from CA with Daniel, Anna & Grady--thank you card with letter from the Kitties and a donation 
Joann & Kevin C from FL with Diva Lucy & Aloha Keona--note with picture of kitties
Kathy C from ME--donation in memory of Meg, a long time cam viewer and chatter
Ardath B and Marcia D from NH--donation in memory of Margaret/Meg
Joyce D from CA--gift card from Amazon
Jan M/Floppy Jan from FL--symathy card for Heaven and Jack. For Catathon--$10 Starbuck and a $50 Red Lobster
Francis T from TX--card and a donation
Lovebugs/Pam from VA--for Catathon, a smurf sitting at a desk
Nancy & John D from OH--donation
Sherry & Dave W from NY--sympathy card
Allen C--a donation for FFRC
SwanKitty/Chris & Ron--card for Gallant
Suzanne E from ME--donation in memory of Meg
LongSheryl/Sheryl L from VA with Smallishia--thank you card
For Octavia from a friend--a note and batteries for heart beat mama, lasers and toys
RoseSF6cats from IA--story written by her friends' daughter, Elizabeth H who is 6 years old "If I were a Cat". 
Mbstarr & Nestles--book for all of FFRC's new kitties, "It's All About Meow" by Hudson Talbot
Eaglewatcher/Beth from IL--bunches of Pure Bits snackers, 3 loofah toys, bunches of Fussy Cat can food, Evolove and Ziwi Peak canned cat food, Whiskas, Uniball pens and about 40 of the beautiful Kuranda bed mats that are knitted--great colors and super soft
Kikimycat from FL--for the Catathon: 3 kitty puzzles, Laurel Burch purse, change purse and earrings, Sushi Kitty apron, 2 beautiful ceramic kitty teapots and a kitty hanging banner
Deptddeamons/Pauline D from London UK--3 hand made butterfly glass ornaments for the butterfly room
Joey3100/Joann P from FL--Cats Pajamas for Jacci 
Anonymous Friend--animal print slap bracelets for Catathon
Diana R--plaque for Jacci about Heaven and a mouse pad with all the FFRC kitties. For the Catathon: zoo basket--animals masks, duckie animals, activity books, crayons, tatoos, pinball games, self ink stamps, animal sunglasses, animal treat boxes
Linda & Peter B from NY with Betony and Butterbur (FFRC cats)--note with pictures of Betony and Butterbur. For the Catathon--Kitty Tapestry purse and a tri color kitty pin
LovemyPets/Eric, Carrie & Jimmy--2 sizes of garbage bags, 2 pks of 2 board books, activity books, Plaque (The Higher Hopes), Bumble Bee wind chimes, Lysol wipes, Doggie treats, 2 kitty treats, dog food cans  Some items are for the Catathon!
Crittercat/Michelle & Vincent B from CT--donation in memory of Orangie, 4 novels to read and share, coupons, 5 boxes of business envelopes, 4 pkgs posties, 2 boxes pens, box of tape, bag of rubber bands, note tags. For the Catathon--Chicken Soup for the Mothers Soul, 5 crossword puzzle books, cozie blankies
Anonymous Friend--2 boxes of 6 each 2 inch tape
Fergiesguardian/Susan H, a lurker--4 cases of Fancy Feast kitten, 12 cans of KMR
Kathy K--4 cases baby food
AMsprinkle--10 Cats on the Fence Mats, Meezer news, Roll of easy liner for shelves, 4 pkgs of baby wipes, bag of crocheted mice, 6 cans of Fancy Feast
Anonymous Friend--memory stones for Orangie and Jack
Kathy, Holly, Hannah and Jan and Beth--a KITTEN SHOWER! lysol wipes, case of Fancy Feast Kitten can, kitty snackers, Royal Canin Kitten dry, kitty blankies, baby brushes, Orca mouse toys, toy bears in blue & pink, bag of mice, kitty litter, 2 bottles Tide HE, baby wipes, baby quilt for bottom of pens
Doris L--90 year old friend of Beths--a donation
Moe S--friend of Beth's--a donation

Sorry this is delivered so late on a Sunday night. It's been a hugely busy, very very fun weekend full of friendship and lots of things being done, but it was important to me to get these thanks in. I thank you for caring.

Please remember to vote that very last vote! All the cats are fine. Gallant continues to get his laser treatments. Zelda is also getting laser treatments. We'll see if we can help her front legs to feel better. The kittens are all doing great. Bellies and bodies are growing as is their mobility. 

Sweet Weeja--such a very fun girl.