Saturday, April 13, 2013

Saturday, April 13

We've had rivers of water here today. That Jack is way too funny. He is going dish to dish to dish, sitting, splashing the water out and also stands in the water bowls. He's emptied seven of them so far them morning! I do think he's very proud of himself!

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No babies yet from Catsparella. Just feeling her tummy, you can feel a whole "herd of kittens" in there dancing away! She's a young cat, but I believe she'll be a good mama.

Ruth Ann and her 3 kittens and 4 foster kittens are doing great. That little Eb has a belly that looks like a golf ball. The others are playing so much, they're a blur sometimes!

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Kitty Q is such a contented mama--her two babes Ginger and Pumpkin nurse all the time. Kitty Q just lays there, looking out the window, enjoying the peace and quiet.

We had a wonderful box arrive yesterday. It was from the medical company. Our laser equipment has arrived! I think my hands were shaking! I am so so thankful to our Anonymous Donor--what a wonderful gift. We'll be getting it up and running very soon.

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This morning, I saw Cutie and Bella both in the big red cush--they were sunk down very low, could hardly seem them. What a blissful nap. Solee loves napping on the orange window shelf in the Kabana room. I love watching Pania when she's "watching" the birds. Her ears and whiskers are at full attnetion--listening to the bird chirps.

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The construction guy was here again yesterday. Got a lot done. All the electric outlet boxes are in place with the wiring done on those. The insulation is now in the walls too. He said he'll be back on Monday!

Adrian, Malcolm & Patch from Northern Ireland--posted a picture on FB and challenged the chatters to name the 9 volunteers and kitties and he would then make a donation. It didn't take long for Mary Cat to name them all!

We had BOXES last night! We're a grateful bunch of people here, to you!
Nigel W from UIK--donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Cheryl S from MD--a donation to FFRC, in memory of her husband's Aunt, Bonnie M
Isabella H from FL--a donation thru PayPal to FFRC
Jean M/Annette 20 from CA and Alexandria & Princess--tulip card, nice letter and a donation in memory of preciousPrince.
Anonymous Friend--4 packs of Temptation snackers
Ellen N/furkitty and Pat/cathouze from FL--chipmunk card, kitty snackers, bag of IAMS dry kitty food, case of Appetizers, Fancy Feast
Christina S/nibblesmommy from AZ--2 packs of Clorox wipes, bag of Purina kitten food, 3 bags of kitty snackers, case of Purrfectly Chicken and one of Gravy Sensations, package of Kitty Wipes and bottle of laundry soap HE
Laura/Medic--2 cases of Fancy Feast
Linda S/mls9690 from PA--purple spider toy for kitty basket Catathon, "Up & Away" netted sling for kitty toys Catathon, kitty Christmas stocking, more WIld Cats Animal Plates and a few with domestic cats too. Lots of Bubble wrap to use for Catathon! These plates are awesome!
Anonymous Friend--a gift card from Amazon--sure do thank you
June K/painteddaisy--2 packages of 100% juice and Berry/veggie juice for volunteers, 4 cases of appetizers
Cassandra H/hencass--an awesome Amish Basket from Amish Acres for the Catathon with a cake tester broom

We will be having another Day Sale coming up. We'll let you know the date real soon. Tonight at 6 pm sharp is the end of the current afghan auction sale. Check it out on the Chatters facebook page. If you want to see lots of action here, check out the webcam the weekend of April 27. We are expecting lots of visitors from all over! Lots of fun and being with friends! 

Zelda is on my lap--such a lovebug. Buckeye and Cypress are experts at snagging the leftover breakfasts of Asha and County! Putter is doing great. Emaline is feeling good, although her nose sores continue to give her trouble. But, she's a happy girl, loves to be loved on. 

Sprint says "PLEASE show me how to vote!!". Thanks to Auntie Connie for showing him how.