Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tuesday, April 23

Gratefulness. Yes, that is what I am, that Jack was with us. Jack passed away yesterday morning. I was sitting beside him petting him, as I knew he was leaving us. He was so peaceful and comfortable--looked like he was simply sleeping. He had a great week last week, playing in his water bowls. At the end of the week, he just seemed to have lost his sparkle. He had two places he liked to sleep in and we all here made frequent stops in to pet and love on him this weekend. There was no way I was going to ask a 21 year old cat to "keep on going". He was tired and was ready. We will miss him and I feel honored to have had him here at FFRC. 

Grab a coffee, sit and enjoy this extra long blog!

We have had several adoptions the last few days. Georgia was adopted this past weekend. I've already heard from the family and it sounds like a wonderful fit! Weeja is now back at the rescue center. It turns out both of the young boys are allergic to kitties. So, Weeja is back. She's happy, been well cared for and fit right back in. She's been running and playing since she was returned!

Yesterday afternoon, County went to his new home. Yes, County, our long time here boy. He went to a home, where I believe he is going to be treated as King County and loved very much! Then friends of Steve wanted 2 young adult cats--our pick. Our Woodie brothers have never had a chance at being adopted, so Cypress and Buckeye went to their new home. There is a mom/dad and a grandma/grandpa family there--lots of laps to coax these boys into joining them! I'm thrilled and will keep in touch with them. By the way, my latest check on Badu is wonderful--she and her mama are happy together! 

Catspararella's 7 kittens are doing wonderful. Their little tummies are nice and round. She looks so different--thin now. We are feeding her many meals a day. Kitty Q's kittens (yes, all 8 of them), are now toddling around in the pen. It looks so cute to see these little legs holding up those big tummies! Both mamas are awesome--so sweet and kind to their babies.

Ruthie Ann, the 3rd mama, is shy, but a devoted mom. She doesn't mind that group of 7 scurrying around in the main area, as long as they come back when she calls them. The group of 5 long hair kittens have now been added to Ruthie Ann's room. They are out most of the day, but still go in at night time. That room sure can rock and roll with all the action!

We let 5 of our cats go to Brown Mackie College yesterday. This is a college for vet tech students and they needed some cats for their radiology class. So, we let them "borrow" our cats.
Sprint--will be neutered, stool sample, x-rays, leukemia/fiv test
Pushkins--has a weepy eye, so will have a test done to see if he has a plugged tear duct, x-rays, stool sample
Paddy Purr--has had diarrhea, so will have a stool sample done, x-rays
Haylow--stool sample and x-rays
Zelda--she has been limping on both front legs now, so x-rays and a stool sample 
They will be returned on Weds or Thurs. This was difficult for me to let them go, but it's good for the cats to have these things done, good for the students. All these treatments are done at no charge to FFRC. My desk is empty without Zelda.

Many thanks to the following for the gifts given to us.
Janet C--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Ann F from Canada--donation in memory of Bondi, HEaven, Orangey and Jack
Judith M from NJ--donation in memory of Bondi, Heaven, Orangey and Jack
Karen G from TN--donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Karen A from TX--donation to FFRC, in honor of kitten Archer
Gusti from Germany--donation in memory of Jack
Lynette R from Canada--donation thru PayPal for KMR or anything needed for Catsparella
Arden & Charmaine from IN--donation thru PayPal for Catsparella's kittens
Deborah C from WA--donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Stephanie W--donation thru PayPal to FFRC
Kim K from MI--donation thru PayPal for the continued care of Ruthie Ann
Janet B from FL--donation to help with Wigglin' Walter
Deborah M from CA--donation to help with Wigglin' Walter (daughter lost her Walter cat, also a CH cat recently), also in memory of Bondi, Heaven and Orangey

On Sunday, we moved the Covies from Kitty City to Cat's Cove! They were so happy. They have probably 4-5 times the space! Lots of running between the two buildings, checking everything out. They love their Cove! It's been water blasted clean, all the icky, stinky, old carpeted furniture was removed and replaced with the Kuranda beds. In a few days, we'll let them have a day run of the farmyard and check out what's happened out there during the winter!

We had BOXES last night! Many, many thanks to you.
Cheryl G--scotch cusion wrap and Arm & Hammer litter
Ruth D--a 5 unit Kuranda tower (this one went to Cat's Cove) 
Cindy N from OH--thank you card and fobs/kleenex holders/change purse for the volunteers that have been helping with the Day Sale
Adrian from Ireland and Malcom and Patch--two AWESOME posters--the best ever poster of Derecho. It looks like a movie poster, portraying mighty Derecho and the movie is called Determination. It's really awesome and another psychedelic kitty picture. Kathy went out last night and got the frames for these--will hang them today!  
Randi M/Mary2u--a note, 3 cases of Royal Canin Baby can food, 1 case of kitten can and 1 case of adult can--Fancy Feast
Ellen N in FL--an anonymous donation (friend of Ellen) with a wonderful card and note 
Tigercat/Julie P--3 containers of Cosmic Catnip (1 for FFRC & 2 for projects)
Sue M from IA--Catathon basket--coffees, teas, hello kitty items--a wonderful basket!
PhilnCleoNJ--notes from Bondi and Heaven--from each, a yellow rose dipped in gold--absolutely beautiful and is a treasure
From the FFRC Family--card and memorial rocks for Bondi and Heaven for the Albert Memorial Garden--thank you. 
Jatcat--a much need computer to help with all of our internet/computer work!

We had a report from Petfinder. The top 12 cats that have been looked at are: Tizzie, Willard, Wdeber, Badu, Dove, Maui, Preakness, County, Farrah, Goodness, Buckeye and Georgia.

We have 5 more days to vote! We are still in #1 spot! I'm thrilled, excited and can't wait to see FFRC as the winner! Thanks so very much for your votes. 

I've received an email that says a great deal. It is something that will make me remember always--what we say and what we do has a direct bearing on other people. Be kind, be understanding and reach out to others. We always have a choice--be positive or negative. I am a big believer in negativity breeding negativity. So, let the positive side flow! Here is the thought in the email I received:

"Friend" says she wants to thank us for showing Heaven to the cam. While she was out and about, a man with a very large tumor hanging from the end of his nose was nearby her. At first, the response was to turn away.The reaction that Heaven brought about (love and respect) quickly ran through her mind and she realized that regardless of Heaven's appearance she deserved to be loved, as did this man before her. So, Friend looked up at him, smiled and commented on what a beautiful day it was. She could see his smile even though she couldn't see his face. She could see his smile by his dimples in his cheek and in his eyes! She then said to have a good day, just as she normally would say to a bystander. 

What a beautiful thing that happened here in this story. We can all show compassion every single day to those that are in need, be it an animal or a person. I will never ever in the future doubt whether I should share a story about an FFRC cat again. Heaven has taught me this and that the compassion and love that you viewers have is great.

Catsparella and her kitties.
Catsparilla & Babies