Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tuesday, April 30

Don't forget to vote! Oh no, wait, the voting is over! Hooray, hooray! Now the waiting game begins. We should hear the official news Weds. morning. I am so so excited and can't hardly wait! We are planning a party though! And we'd love to have you pop in and join us during the day.

Here's the scoop so far. We're hoping we hear from The Animal Rescue Site by mid morning, because at 11:00 starts the promised "hair dos". Yes, Janet has said she would have her head shaved if we win! Our volunteer, Peggy S has agreed to do it for her! Then comes the unveiling of the purple hair for me. I don't know what I was thinking when I said months ago, that if we win, I'd dye my hair (not all of it) purple. But, I must keep to what I said!

We also have some pretty neat decorations to put up. We want the cats to know it's a very special day.

After the "hair do event", we'll give you a grand tour of the Rescue Center. We'll even start outside and show you Albert's Memorial Garden. It's not a sad place--we're grateful that these cats shared part of their lives with us. We will then come back inside and show you from start to back--the Kabana Room, the lavender front office, the main part of the rescue center, June's Room with Kitty Q and her kittens, Kitty Campus Room, Cat's Corner Room with Catsparella and her kittens. Then we'll go to the far side of the rescue center. Next comes the Welcome Room Office and then Thumper's Room. We'll even go out the door and show you the new construction--the Mail Room and the extended Thumper's Room. Last, we'll show you the inside of Kitty City, even though the cats are in Cat's Cove, you'll see the inside of their winter home.

Next, comes the much awaited sardine tasting party. There's lots of kinds of sardines and I had promised to eat a can of sardines if we win (or maybe.....almost a can??!!!) Janet, our friend from New Zealand (who doesn't really like sardines), had promised to eat sardines too if we win. So, get ready to watch this yummy sardine tasting party!

Soon after that, we'll give the cats a very special treat--they love ham bones, but this time, they get a soup bone! I already told them and then found them lining up at the door! Bonito flakes will follow as a desert.

Sometime in the afternoon, we'll be having pizza delivered and also enjoying that beautiful sardine cake. Sorry, but the cake is just decorated like a sardine can!

Again in the afternoon, we will give another tour of the entire place, in case you missed it earlier or would like to see it again. We'd also like to show you close ups then of all the individual kittens from each litter and of course, their mamas.

At 6:00, we'll have our normal BOXES. We'll also show you the chart of the voting history for this win! I'd like to show you as much of the rescue center as we can, for your enjoyment, since you were a big big part in this contest. 

I understand that we came in first place for a weekly contest by Pawalla...the joy of cats and dogs! To win, you had to have the most votes. This means they will be sending some boxes of their special foods that we can give away at adoptions and also some cat toys! This is so nice and I appreciate Pawalla and your votes!

Many thanks too for your donations to FFRC:
Lawrence G--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Thecatsmeow59--for designing the mousepad that I received the other day--I love the design
Ruth-TN--blankies for the covies, porchies and barnes. Also items for a children's basket for the Catathon
Teresa S from IL--donation to FFRC, in memory of their dog Violet
Nancy E from AL--donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Karla M from IA--donation to FFRC to help wherever needed
Sheila H--donation to FFRC to top off the live afghan sale!
Aunty Fi--a bag of Royal Canin baby kitten dry food
Abigail/shaime, Anna and Mel from BG--day visitors--kitty snackers, book, can food, cat toys, Whiskas Purrfectly chicken
IPurr and Mudgie--weekend visitors--a window cat shelf, dog treats and chewies, Appetizers, Fancy Feast  kitten, Whiskas Purrfectly Chicken, Purex HE soap, Meow Mix cups, q-tips, Ice tear Keurig cups, Purina adult dry food
Michlynn--weekend visitor--5 cases Friskies, Kleenex and cat toys
Ryan & Mason--Saturday visitors--lots of snackers for Barnies, Covies and Porchies
Napa/Donna--weekend visitor--donation to FFRC and a gift card
Deb11111--weekend visitor--donation to FFRC to help with special projects and a Meijer gift card
Warped/Connie & Joe--weekend visitors--weaved rugs for Day Sale or Catathon
Sillysticks & ad86--4 cases Fancy Feast kitten, Royal Canin Kitten dry, 4 cans KMR and 1 can KMR powder

I have so enjoyed all of our visitors. It's wonderful to meet them face to face and get to know them. They not only gave of their time to help us here at the rescue center, but have become good friends. 
Napa leaves today. We'll be taking her to the airport. Beth/Eaglewatcher will be here yet this week! Janet/Janak will be here thru next week. 

This Friday at 6 pm we will begin another weekend auction. It starts Friday and ends Saturday at 6 pm. This one will be different! We will be auctioning off 6 of those beautiful drawer beds that Joni and Angie have been making. They are awesome. We will also add something else this weekend too. On Saturday, we'll start boxes as normal, at 6:00 pm. But, then we will stoop and have another LIVE auction. This will be with the beautiful red/white/blue/tan afghan that Rosemary B from South Africa made. More information later. For your information: on the first big Day Sale, we made $1700.  On the second Day Sale we made $2200.  This is a HUGE help to the rescue center. 

The cats and kittens are all doing great. We had a major turn-around yesterday. The kittens and Ruthie Ann that were in Cat's Corner Room are now out and about. Then we moved Catsparella and her 7 kittens into Cat's Corner Room. Kitty Q was then able to have June's Room with her 2 kittens. Because the 6 orphans are growing, they then moved into Dodger's Pen. It was a train of progression! All are doing fine and growing.

That Walter is such a play kitten. He can be rough one minute, then a sweetie the next. He is literally everywhere in the rescue center! We sent 5 more cats to college yesterday! We sent Paddy Cake, Pushkiss, Snappy, Maui and Polo. This will be good experience for the vet tech students. Our cats will get another full physical, full body x-rays, microchip implanted, complete blood work and stool samples done. All this at no cost to FFRC! They will return Weds. late afternoon. 

Gallant--he's probably wondering when he has to have that collar put back on!!