Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tuesday, April 9

Boy is he slick! That Montana had definitely led a life of being outdoors before his arrival here. He makes mad dashes to the door. Yesterday, our office door and the inside door just happened to get open at the same time and out he went and traveled right down the sidewalk like he'd done it a hundred times. Nope! We caught him, wiggled our finger at him and told him we really really want him to be an inside cat. So, he's going to try it again! We shall see.

Kitties arrived yesterday. One little cutie, named Eb, after a dear friend who recently passed away, is about 3 weeks old. He's a black/white sweetie. His test is negative and he was wormed. He's now in with the white mama and those 3 kittens. The fungus that these kittens have should be non-contagious by now, so they will share the same mama, which is good with her! It took her maybe all of two seconds to start grooming Eb!  His real mama had been killed on a road.

We also took in 3 other kittens. They are about 4 1/2 weeks old. Their mama unfortunately was found dead on the kitchen floor--no known reason. So, these three babies have made their way here. They are eating pretty good by themselves and will also soon join white mama cat and crew. A black (male), a torti (female) and a black/silverish ASH, American Short Hair (female). Names will be happening soon!

We also had BOXES last night. I sincerely appreciate this support.
Aunty Fi--2 reams of copy paper, lavender and yellow
Debbie C--kitty photo book for Jack's mama who is in the nursing home
Pat L from KS--3 packages of kitty snackers and a bird seed bag for Caity to make into a tote
Sue B/catloverhere--2 packs labels with marker, 200 10x13 tyvex envelopes, and 100 xlg tyvek envelopes (for our new Mail Room!), box of Trident fruit gum, spring toys for the kitties
Anonymous Friend--case of Fancy Feast sliced, box of Temptation treats
Beth A/Eaglewatcher--6 bags of Royal Canin Baby dry
Tracy T/coolbreezet from MD--note, blue pop up cube, 2 suet blocks for birds, Whiskas box, potty bags, Iams kitten dry, Whisker Lickins snackers for Jack, micro fiber mat & towel, grilled tuna cat treats, 12 cans of 9-Lives
Michelle/crittercat & Vincent B from CT--tuxie kitty card with note, big orange kitty bed for Kitty Kabana (cats are already on it!)
LeahM216 with Roux and Chewy--In celebration of her new job: box of temptation treats and the turbo scratcher refills.  Congrats on your job!
Melinda F from NC--a donation thru PayPal and blessings!
Isabelle H from FL--a donation thru PayPal for some Gallant help

Heaven made her decision yesterday that she was tired of just being in the Thumper's Room--she wanted to expand her horizon. So...into the Kabana Room and the front office she came. She spent the entire day in these two big rooms. But, knowing we could not keep the door shut to the main area much longer, we decided that it was time to introduce Heaven to the world. She was ready. She was shown to all of our webcam friends. I'm pretty sure that she was able to reach out to people and help them understand that all she wants is love. We're not sure how much time Heaven will have with us yet, but we do know we want her to be happy. This is a Rescue--most of the cats and kittens that come here are initially not in the best of health. That's what we do--we rescue, we love, we help them feel better and get healthy. For those that cannot reach that full stage of being healthy, we love them until their time is done. So, in this case, you may see Heaven out wandering in the main rescue area, you may see her sleeping on a cushie close by and you may see her as we carry her about. Her time with us may not be very long, but by golly, it will be filled with lots of love. If someone on the chat asks--what is wrong with that cats face, you can explain it to them. It's why she came here, it's brought out alot of love from her and lots of love given to her. We're doing what we're suppose to be doing here--loving these cats. I want to thank everyone last night for being so wonderful about Heaven and passing your compassion to her--I could feel it thru the cam. 

The latest updated floor plan!