Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Weds. April 3

The painting is very very close to being done in the Kitty Campus Room, the butterfly room! We should be able to put it together maybe today! Kathy was doing her magic with a beautiful painting of a tree that covers both closet doors, with butterflies around the tree, and a cat on the bottom with a butterfly close to it's nose! Won't be long until we can use this room again!

Construction went just fine yesterday. The concrete floor is now poured and hard enough to walk on. Lots of guys here yesterday to form it up, pour it, level it and then brush it. Tomorrow is the BIG day--the "up" construction begins! The plan is that by the end of Friday, the walls will be up, the windows in, the doors in, the roof on. Wow--what a difference this will make. Then it all slows down and the more meticulous inside stuff begins. So very excited about these happenings!

Derecho is an official ham! When he sees a person coming towards him and if you talk "baby talk" to him, he falls over to show his belly for a belly rub. Boy, does he have us trained! So relaxing for him and for us. It's like he's saying--clear your mind and enjoy this moment! 

We will have BOXES tonight! Please also vote for FFRC today and help us keep our lead. I am so grateful for this opportunity to be involved in this contest.

Saturday 9 am--bring your breakfast, a footstool and get comfortable to watch the kittycam! That's when our Day Sale starts. I'm going thru our items and bringing out things that we can sell, in preparation of getting ready to move into our new Mail Room. They'll be lots of items for you to look at. Decide if you'd like it and see if you can be the lucky new owner of that particular item! I think it'll be fun.

Just a thought--95% of the items from the last Day Sale have been sent out (will be sending 5 more packages today). If you had us tuck something back for you and haven't sent your check or PayPal yet, let me know if you're still interested in that item. 

Thanks to:
PSW--donation thru PayPal for "Heaven's" sake!
Susan S--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Carol N from PA--an April donation for FFRC
Forestine R--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Jill A from IN--Day Visitor--baby food jars, lysol wipes, gallon of bleach, gallon of vinegar and turkey/chicken kitten dry food

Gallant's wound is looking good--it continues to get smaller and thinner! Another laser treatment is scheduled Friday. The cats have been in super-play mode the last couple of days. I wonder if they're feeling the spring air? Jack is doing great. He's out most of the day but still goes in his room for night time. He's wonderful and loves to be petted. Farrah has been dragging around a yarn toy (about 2 feet long) for about 20 minutes. I don't think anyone would dare to take it from her! 

We took in a new cat yesterday. Her name is Heaven. Yes, we had a Heaven before, but this name is appropriate for this cat, so she is now known as Heaven. She is at least 15 years old (we will put her down as a 15 year old). She had been an inside cat, but when her owner dad passed away 6-7 years ago, she was put outside to live. In the last 1/2 year, she has developed a horrible face disfigurement. A wonderful friend saw her on Easter and got the owner to give us full ownership of her, for which I am thankful. Heaven is going in to the vets on Friday (along with Gallant) for a biopsy. Those results will be back on Tuesday, to tell us if this is cancer or not. If it's negative, then we already have her scheduled for surgery on Wednesday. Dr. P feels that he can help "put her face back together somewhat". She's happy, LOVES to be petted and held, LOVES to have us talk to her, is eating good (by herself) and is so very much enjoying her cushies and soft blankies. We are enjoying pampering her! She is also getting along real well with the other cats. We may move her to June's Room soon.  She has been teaching people a lesson--doesn't matter what the outside is like...what's important is what's on the inside. And believe me, her personality is full of love!

The line-up of cats!
Line-Up of Kitties