Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday, July 12

If you have some extra time and want to come and kittysit--today is the day! Oh my garsh--these kittens are wound up. Running in every direction, even running into each other! One nips a little hard, then there's a yelp, now one is running to another group of kittens to dive in and play with the new crinkle bag. Right now, there's 3 racing up the sisal tower to the ceiling. Hankster just flipped over Archer, who just got done running over Sammie. Oh dear--they are crazy today.....just the way we like them!

Zelda is here by my desk--glaring at me. I just kisssed Kenco and told him that he and Archer are two more of my favorites. I think she heard me.

We had BOXES last night--wonderful boxes that we're grateful for!
MsNiceinVA/Lillian D--note from Kacky and a donation! Purple shawl for Jacci, bunches of magnetic ntoe pads, note cards with envelopes, stickers, patriotic bandaids, crinkle bag, Kitty tin with faith postie note, Hello Kitty tooth brush, kitty tin with 2 note pads, kick cat toy, 3 engraving art kits and a peacock puzzle
Laurie/felinetoyz from WA--for the olders: a case of Royal Canine oldster can food
Leann T from CA--a donation in honor of Kelly R's retirement and love for the kitties. Happy Retirement, Kelly!
Penny for Timothy Covie--birthday card, 2 packets of snackers and 10 appetizers to share with the Covies
Mommymyra/Myrna--lots of beautiful kittie blankies for our store/day sale and one for Jacci's kittens. Extra thanks!
Anonymous Friend--KKups for Kitty Kastle, LOTS of great bandaids (we always can use!) and lots of medical items--antibiotic spray and ointment, alcohol wipes, antiseptic wash, itch reliever, liquid bandages! Also cat toys, blank cards, 24 wash cloths,squeeze cheese cans. Also bags for Jocelyn, Damian and Kathy R--really nice theme bags, hat for Jean S, 3 beautiful crocheted blankies, a great atomic clock for the back Thumper's Room and fabric for Leggydews for Angie!

Yesterday at one sitting, I saw 14 cats on the window ledges in Kitty Kabana Room. They surely do love to look out of these low windows. Lots of action always going on outside. Toby is right now on a high window that he climbed up to. There's two bird feeders about 3 feet away from him.

This is Janet's last full day here. I have so enjoyed having her here at the Rescue Center. The cats too have enjoyed Janet's visit.  Starting tomorrow she will begin a 3 week trip of Scotland!

Ming is doing better! His appetite is slowly picking up. He's also starting to connect with the litterbox better, in his room. He will knead when he's petted. A very different boy, but we're working on drawing him out and be a part of us. I think he'll "get it"!! He is so enjoying the TLC that he's receiving. And he sure loves his extra soft bed!

We took in a new cat yesterday. She is a long hair calico--a real beauty. This is one cat (as with many of them) that I so wish I knew what the history was. She is a young adult that appears to have been thru a rough time. She's very thin. She was so hungry when she arrived and has continued to eat all the can food we give her. You can actually feel the food in her tummy--she's that thin. The man that brought her had found her about a week ago. He's fed her, but cannot keep her. So, she is now here at FFRC. He said it appears to him that she may be blind. I am usually skeptical when people say that, but everything I've seen about her so far does indicate that she cannot see or has very limited sight. As we get to know her better, we'll "figure" her out. It looks as if both eyes have been damaged due to different reasons. We will have the vet take a look at her. She needs a beautiful name that will show she has much love within herself and a name that shows she can deal with the things she's been dealt with. I do believe her name is now Anna Marie.

Janet took this picture just last night in Kitty Kabana Room. The evening light was coming in thru the windows and the gang was enjoying the window shelves. Play action too going on!