Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Weds., July 3

I'm looking around and see Pania on the window ledge "watching" the guinea hens squawking outside. Derecho is also on the window ledge--you can just see his pride at getting up there himself. There's three kittens (Kiko, Archer, Patches--all brothers) in a tight ball sleeping on an orange rug while Hankster and Rufus are flipping around them playing with a feather toy. Three cats on my desk sleeping and Farrah is on the files beside me starring at me (probably wondering when her next pill is due!). Sarah and Mary are here already busily working away. Life is good. 

I am so thankful for all these volunteers that help run this place. We could not possibly be what we are without them. They are also the hands that pet and love the cats. They are also the eyes that keep track of what is going on in the cat world here. They are the hearts that care so very much. I thank each and every one of you.

I am also thankful for you, our supporters of this Rescue Center. I look around and see what your support has brought to us. It's huge. Not only the material things, but the moral support, kind words and prayers and thoughts. It too means a lot to me.

The hardest pars of running this rescue center is many levels. First, there's never ever enough room here to help all the cats in need. And adoption is not the big answer--it's spaying and neutering. We've helped a few families lately to get their cats spayed (thru a special fund by a friend). A man called me the other day--wanted me to take 30 outside cats. He stated a year ago, he had ONE stray cat come to his property. How much simpler life would've been for these cats, had he simply done one spay. Now, many are involved. It's disheartening sometimes listening to these stories day in and day out. 

Another hard part of this rescue center is keeping up with the health of so many cats here. But, with the eyes of the volunteers, we do it. We are ever watchful--did that one eat? did you hear a sneeze? did that one get it's medicine? remember to wash hands. are the treatments done?  It's doable, but takes a lot of constant care.

Then we have people to think about. We are a very complicated bunch of creatures ourselves! There are so many people involved with this rescue center--physically here or thru the cam. I would love to have us all "get along" each and every day. Since we're people, it's not gonna happen 100%. I sometimes take on too much of trying to keep everyone happy. That's impossible too. I sometimes wake up at night, thinking--what can I do here to help this situation, or that situation be better? Well, that's impossible too--to fix everything. So....I have to settle with trying to do the best that I can. People have to make their own decisions on whether they are happy or not. We can always be positive, we can always set by example, we can always be kind--these are our choices to make individually. So, go out and do a good deed for someone today! It'll make the world a better place! 

Another hard part are the finances. We have wonderful, great supporters. And because of this, I try and make every penny stretch and to put your donations to the best advantage possible for the rescue center. I feel a huge responsibility in this department--to do it right, to do it well. 

Yet another hard part, and perhaps one of the most difficult is dealing with the sad things that happens here. Yes, death does happen. Yes, our kitties and cats sometimes get sick. Yes, sometimes it's so very rough. These things take a toll sometimes.

And yet, even though we deal with death, illnesses, people problems, overpopulation of cats and kitties, financial worries and the list goes on---we're still here. We're here because we WANT to be here, we WANT to be a part of this Rescue Center. 

I know this blog is a bit different than usual.....guess I just felt like talking. Always know I will give my best. The reason? It's because I care. And I know the volunteers care and our viewers care. For that I am very grateful. 

Many thanks to our friends:
Bonita S--donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Judith M--donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Carol N/cn1919--donation to FFRC, to be used as needed
Anonymous Friend--donation to FFRC to be used as needed, also a portion to Feliz Navidad Fund for Kukster, Intrepid and Catmandu

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