Saturday, July 20, 2013

Saturday, July 20

Thunder and lightening! We're having quite a storm right now. Major lightening show, lots of rumbles and heavy rain. This coming week is suppose to be a bit cooler--hope so. The cats don't seem to be too worried about what's going on outside.

Ustream has been acting up still. Boxes were on last night, but we lost chat again. So....we'll try again tonight! I still have envelopes leftover from Thursday evening when Ustream went down.

All is fine here. Ming was out quite a bit yesterday. He has put on a whole whopping 6 ounces since his arrival. It's really not that very much, but it's better than nothing! He also seems stronger. His tail still veers to the right, his rear legs are still "sticking out" at times, but he's now eating all by himself! We're still reminding him of the litterbox--we put him back in his room so he has close access.He LOVES to be petted. Right now he got himself up on the window shelf in the Kitty Kabana Room. About 15 minutes ago, he wiggled thru the slightly opened door to the dog's room and plunked down on a cushie!

Little Ivo is still gobbling up formula--as long as he's syringe fed! We put him on the floor a couple times a day in Thumper's Room to play with Puzzone and Camvie, as he needs that interaction with other kitties. He has a plump little belly. Puzzone and Camvie are also doing good, both eating good, both will have one eye that will need to be checked sometime (there's no hurry). We're still treating their eyes.

Solee is up on my desk! She's figured out in the mornings, if she stares at us we will give her a few of the Royal Canin Babycat kibbles which she loves. Cozarelii loves them too. Derecho still gets his two baby food jar lids each morning with a blob of baby food on each--his special treat. I told Derecho just this morning that these other CH cats are all his fault (not Bill's!!) and he just smiled. I do believe he has a plan for this rescue center!

Many thanks to Anna Marie--for 2 cases of baby food to share with Anna Marie and her friends. Anna Marie (the cat!) is half the time in Thumper's Room (where she can easily find the litterboxes) and half the time in the main area (where she's making friends). She also figured out how to get to the 3rd level on the Kuranda Towers. She's a slow mover, ever so patient and is figuring out where things are.

We had our PetFinder report. The top 13 cats that were viewed are: Ruthie Ann, Octavia, Zelda, GInger, AP, Raza, Jemison, Arden, Kukster, Sara, Tabitha, Beartoe and Weeja.

Thanks to Wanda for what she is doing for FFRC. She's doing a BOGO PORTRAITS where if you buy one portrait at regular price, you get a second one free! Plus, she donates $50 to FFRC for each order paid! She's done many portraits of our FFRC cats and for our viewers. This special ends July 31. She has a special gift and her work is beautiful. Her site is:

We have now had two people donate money specifically for us to help others spay/neuter their cats. When I come across someone who is truly trying to help reduce the overpopulation problem but cannot afford to spay/neuter another cat, we now have a fund to help. This fund is particularly aimed at strays who normally don't have anyone to help them. Just this week we were able to help someone get a stray male cat neutered. This cat will go back into the neighborhood he came from (he will be fed) and we know he will no longer be a part of the pet overpopulation problem! The answer is so simple in regards to the cat overpopulation problem. It's not in adoption--it's by having the cats spayed/neutered. That is the long term answer.

We spent quite a bit of time yesterday catching up on treatments. We had wormings to do, vaccinations, repeat leukemia/FIV tests (all negative), ear cleanings and flea prevention applications. They're now done for another day!

Titoes is doing better and is eating much better too. He's now back in the main area. I saw him sleeping alongside his brother Beartoe on the pink cushie. Whoebe is also doing better. He was actually running and playing yesterday!

Enjoy your day!

Now, isn't this just the cutest--little Camvie?!