Thursday, July 4, 2013

Thursday, July 4th

Happy Independence Day! Happy 4th! A very wonderful day. 

More and more packages and boxes are being sent out daily. We are just about done with the pile of orders that have been paid for already. More will go out Friday morning. If you haven't paid for your Catathon order yet, please do so! We'd love to get all the items sent to everyone. Thank you. If you find there's an error in your package or box, don't hesitate to e-mail me and let me know. We aim to get every order correct. 

We have two more kittens on hold! Mary/Mrs. Braid is a confirmed hold on Butch. She comes daily to visit him. He will be neutered with the rest of the gang on Saturday. What an awesome kitten. Angie and Bill now have a confirmed hold on Canto. He will be much welcomed into their home! Two awesome-to-be-adoptions! 

Pixel left this morning with Ann and Sean. It will take them 10 hours today to get home. Penn and Teller are awaiting their arrival to meet their new sister. Thanks to Ann and Sean for providing this home for Pixel and for all the help you've given this week in the Rescue Center. Pixel did have her spay yesterday and was just fine this morning. She ate a good breakfast and pottied right before leaving, like a good girl!

Surgery will be done this Saturday morning. This will be our second surgery time in the back Thumper's Room.  It's awesome--we have everything all set and ready all the time--no preparation time needed! The girls that will be spayed are: Sammie, Fiona, Melia, Malia and  Althea.  The boys that will be neutered are: Kenco, Archer, Patches, Little Hank, Beartoe, Dennis, Toby, Canto, Butch and Pokie Dot. Ming will also be neutered, along with an assessment of himself!  We will have Dr. Darcy look at Camvie's eye.

We had BOXES last night! I thank you for your support.
Tigercat54/Great Aunt Julie from IA-2 packages of Dried Salmon Snackers--yum!
Judy M from NB--note, Zelda blankie to use during boxes with purple collar for her adoption bag (I loved this!), 3 purple pillowcases, crocheted kitty pad, stickers for ourspecial friend Hannah, letter for Jenni and Connie, 2 sheets of stamps and kitty cards/envelopes
Eaglewatcher/BethA--Sloggers for Jacci to wear in the barnyard, with paw prints! LOVE them!
Headlyn from FL--5 packages Vita Gravy, baby food jars, 4 sm cans Blue Wilderness, 15 big cans Blue Wilderness and a case of Gravy Sensations
Marysbabies3/Mary I--2 packages of kitty snackers, clamps for mail room. For Day Sale or our store: kitty on a bed, wonderful stuffed extra nice stuffed toys and 2 nice collars (one for Farrah)
Caren F--Senses Massage toy, 1 case of Fancy Feast kitten, 3 cases of Friskies variety
Grumpkitty/Kathy R--24 XL rolls of Sparkle PT and 2 cardboard scratchers
Lily & Jim H from SC--a very nice letter with a donation
Kikimycat from FL--BD card for Cutie with picture and poem. BD card for Muffin with picture and saying and lots and lots of coupons
Henry R Peeps and Oh My Guinness--HB card for Muffin with a donation
Julie C from MA--card with note for Magenta and her very own Walmart gift card! plus 3 sheets of stamps
Phyllis B from MI--note, 2 packages kitty snackers, snackers for doggies, coupons and a gift for Kelly & Molly
Niven, Nigel & Oscar McLovin with help from an anonymous friend sent their mama Amy a beautiful bouquet of roses, balloons and a 4th of July Teddy Bear
Renee C--donation thru PayPal with love to all the kitties
Gillian R from UK--PayPal donation to be used as needed
Gusti from Germany--PayPal donation for Kukster's surgery and soreness meds
Anonymous Friend--donation thru PayPal in honor of Ming. 

We're expecting visitors this weekend! We love visitors! Muffin and Cutie have had good birthdays--lots of extra snackers.

Today we had some extra fun! It was time to bring up the Thumper Room's kittens to join the main area. Since it's rather a slow day due to the holiday, I decided to just open the door to the Welcome Room office and let them all run! We've had kittens and cats running from the Kabana Room clear back to the end of the rear Thumper's Room--lots of fun and playing! By the time we close that door, everyone will know each other and we won't have to put anyone in rooms to acclimate them! Even Paddy Purr was flat out running! 

Sweet Kukster resting and recuperating in Dodger's Pen.