Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thursday, July 11

Step away from the counter--step away from the counter! That's our favorite thing to say at meal times! The closer they get, the harder it is to prepare their food--oh, but they're so cute. And they sure can sing too--ask them a question and they'll meow, meow, meow right back at you! 

Allie/Althea and Courtney finally arrived at their Maine home last night. The trip to get Althea home took about 5 hours longer than anticipated due to late planes. But, they're home safe and sound now. Courtney will keep us updated.

Last night we had a group of kids come from the Zion church--they wanted to come and do their service hours here. Amy took care of them and had them clean Cat's Cove, groom the Covies and pick up sticks. Tonight, we'll have the other half of the groom coming.

Ming is now in June's Room. He's getting out regularly to walk about. We prefer to have a Ming-sitter watch him. Because of his "condition", he has some potty issues we're working on. He seems to be doing a bit better with it, but we need to really ingrain this as a good habit with him. He's also eating a bit better by himself. He especially likes that Tulle that Mayumi has sent from Japan. 

Little Merlyn is up in the main area now. He's a big time player and needed more stimulus to keep him busy! He's here, there and everywhere. So, if you see a little white blur go by, that would be Merlyn. 

WE had BOXES last night....lots of BOXES! Thanks ever so much for your support.
Oilsandsgirl--40 lb litter, 2 cases Fancy Feast, box of salmon appetizers, big bag of Purina One Adult and a Cat It Senses turbo trac toy
Conii and cat Elliott--a kitty pad orthopedic for Kukster or whoever may need it. We actually put it in the room for Ming, for his hips. He was sleeping on it! Also a case of KMR!
TomA68/Tom & Gillian from UK--kitty card and Bondi Licks, both salmon & chicken flavor
Butterfly Class from Belgium--last gift from the class of 2013. We will miss you! 5 3-D cutout black kittys with googly eyes and 4 good luck charms (so very nice!) Take good care!
Mayumi--Tulle--creamy chicken (2 cases) and a gift for Hannah
Medic101/Laura--2 cases of Fancy Feast
Joco51Joann--400 shoe covers for us to wear on the farmyard--thanks bunches!
Widdletiger/Elizabeth--2 bowl bed/scratchers and a Moby Dick fish scratcher
Brookebosse/Brooke--12 peacock feathers--these are always a big hit!
Debra N--8 boxes of appetizers--variety
Maggie J from MA with Frankie & Mickey--2 cases Meow Mix packets and 2 cases Gravy Sensations packets, case of appetizers, case of Sheba, bag of Royal Canin dry kitten food, bag of Royal Canin Baby cat, Wellness packets, kitty snackers, warm/cool mat for the cats, lots ofkitty toys, roll of stamps and TWO big boxes of Catnip pads complete with extra catnip (these have a velcro opening)  These are in our website--check it out!
Ellen/Furkitty & Pat/Cathouze in FL--case of Friskies turkey and cheese, box of appetizers, big bag of Purina One adult
Joey3100--3 boxes that held 3,000 of the 6 inch paper plates
newfiedogmom--7 cases of baby food meat jars!
S. family of OH--Chief register tapes
Kikimykat--happy birthday card for Preakness with Preakness picture
Wanda from idoportraits for a portrait she did for one of our webcammers

The Barnies are doing great. They got a big cleaning of their barn recently--all spick and span for them, along with clean blankies and new stone being laid. The Covies will have another Running of the Covies on Friday--it promises to be a nice, sunny day so they will enjoy that.

Judson is such a clown--he comes right up to you and gives a big MEOW right in your face. Arden is also a talker. If we hear what sounds like a cat yeowling, it's probably Arden. Farrah is a chirper. We seem to have cats that like to talk!

We still have a few cats on hold: Abbott, Fiona & Sammie, Bearta.

Won't be long until we start working on the next event--the Catstock, which is Sept. 7, a Saturday. If you can come join the fun, we'd love it! We'll have carnival games, big tents, popcorn, big circus feel to the event and lots of prizes. 

Our little Camvie, getting all cozy for a nap.