Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tuesday, July 9

We had two meetings yesterday. The first was our advisory board meeting. We went over many items, including the upcoming Catstock event.  This is a great group of people that help us with ideas for the rescue center. Following, we had our next meeting--a wrap up of Catathon. I've copied down lots of notes to help improve the next Catathon, even though we thought all went well for our 3rd event. 

You've probably already heard about our flooding in the front office. What a mess. So very disappointing too. Our contractor has dug trenches and laid big/wide drainage lines to keep the water away from the office. He's been called and will return to figure this problem out.Part of the problem is that the front office is at least 4 inches lower than the ground level.  We had two episodes during the night, where Steve and I mopped and cleaned up. Keep in mind, the rains have been torrential downpours but still, we cannot have this happening. We'll get to the bottom of it yet!

We had an adoption yesterday. Mary/Mrs. Braid (our volunteer) adopted Butch. Butch is such a wonderful cat and will be well loved. We've also heard from Zsa Zsa's new mama--sounds like she just fit right into their home, like she's always been there. I've also talked with Angie about Kohart and Pokie Dot--a perfect match with their other cats. Sounds like a good thing! 

Today, Courtney will be returning. She's the mama of our latest 4-Calico group of cats that she adopted. She's flying back for a pick up of Althea who she will call Allie. Courtney will be here early afternoon and will leave tomorrow morning. 

We had a very sad and devastating event yesterday. Our sweet Catmandu passed away. He went to our vet's to have his leg x-rayed to see what was causing such a discomfort. It turns out the pin was bumping a nerve which caused him to be uncomfortable. The pin had to be changed abit, so he was taken back to surgery. Unfortunately, it's assumed he had a reaction to the drugs. One second all was fine--heart/respirations normal, the next his heart simply stopped. All effort was given to revive him, but it didn't work. So very very sad to lose this little kitten. He was such a happy boy here. We all know that things happen, so we deal with our grief and then carry on. He will not be forgotten, but we learn to shift our thoughts to the other cats that need our care, and carry on. I truly will miss that little boy. 

Many thanks to the following for their support:
Judith M--in honor of Preakness' birthday from Shannon, thru PayPal
Gusti--in honor of Preakness' Happy Birthday
Kathleen E from UK--a donation to help with Ming
Joni W from IA (our visitor last week)--5 big bags of Kitty Litter, 4 cases of Friskies can food, 2 cases of meow Mix tubs, 4 count Clorox wipes, 4 count hand sanitizer, bottle of Dawn liquid soap
Elisabeth A from MD--in memory of sweet Catmandu
Beth A--to help with any expenses incurred for Catmandu or for anything else the Center needs. 
Lillian D from VA--in memory of little Pumpkin, 1996 to 2009
Anonymous Friend--to help with Catmandu's surgeries
Nuki (day visitor)--3 really fun Cat It sensory toys

This morning, we opened the door to the Welcome Room Office, so the group of kittens in there can come and play in the main area. What happened is, they came out and lots of the main area kittens went zooming into the office! But, it's ok. They're already all friends. Titoes continues to improve daily. It's been 2 1/2 weeks since we've been working with him, but the last 5 days have been showing an improvement. Schinn (our visitor/moderator) has been feeding Titoes about every 1 1/2 hours. Vaun (another visitor/moderator) has taken over the care of Ming. She's been feeding him also every 1 1/2 hours and watching over him. He's purring more and still kneading. He's gained a tiny bit of weight. 

Our Kukster is now 3 weeks post-op, so he's free to be out and about without a Kukster-sitter watching him. He's a really nice young cat--full of mischief and fun! He loves the ball tracker toys. +

Enjoy your day. Remember to reach out and spay/neuter a cat in need. Please also do an act of kindness for someone--it's a fun thing to do! I know many are sad about our Catmandu, as is normal. We already loved him so much. Doing something good, in memory of Catmandu, will bring a smile to you. 

Arden--such an awesome kitten! So sweet and very talkative.