Saturday, July 13, 2013

Saturday, July 13

There's no better way to start the day! Theo is purring like a diesel truck on my desk and rubbing my nose. Karena is sleeping with her head propped on the screen. Judson is on my shoulder. Walter has already done his thousand wipes on my face doing his good-morning-routine! Derecho is chirping on the window ledges while watching the guinea hens, the roosters are crowing on the farmyard. Titoe and Camvie are feeling better, Kukster is plain and simple a nut! He loves to play. Cutie has already cleaned top to bottom 3 kittens. I even saw Kukster cleaning a kitten and enjoying it! Little Intrepid just walked the length of the office with only doing one circle!  Doce is playing with 3 kittens by my desk. These are the good things about rescue work!

We had a birthday party for Cutie yesterday. It was so nice! We had a big cake--half chocolate and half white with a Cutie cat on the top and also frosted decorated Cutie cookies for the volunteers--all compliments of Betz. She is declared her official God-Mother. We also had a big mid morning breakfast for them, complete with extra yummy can food and 2 pounds of browned hamburger mixed in. They devoured every single little piece! Helium balloons also were added!

Hey--what happened? Who did that? Somehow (no one seems to really know) Zelda ended up with a beautiful red collar on. I was talking to the cammers, getting ready for Cutie's party and up jumped Zelda onto the orange table. Jingle-jingle. Was that a bell I heard? IS THAT A COLLAR ON ZELDA?? Oh my garsh--how did that happen? All I know is Elizabeth and Janet wouldn't look at me!! So...Zelda got to wear her collar during the birthday party. I now have it on my cat mug on my desk--as a reminder that Zelda once had a collar! Thanks for the thought, everyone! You really are all so tricky!

We did not have boxes last night, as Janet, Steve and I went out for supper for her last evening here. Today starts her next adventure. I am so grateful for what Janet has done for FFRC--a mighty big help. She's read stories to the cammers, cleaned up puke and pee, mixed up countless gallons of gruel, loved on all the cats, done a ton of computer work, helped with Catathon, fed the cats, syringe fed the kittens--lots and lots of things. Thanks, Janet.

I am grateful for these donations:
Judith M--a donation made in honor of Janet
Lucy O/lucytoons--a donation to FFRC
Hollie E--donation to FFRC
Sarah P--to help with medical expenses for Anna Marie
Kathleen M--donation to FFRC
Gusti--a donation in honor of Janet (Janet got to pick out a Leggydew for her cat, sponsored Dahnay for another month and the remainder went to Feliz Navidad Fun)
Caroline L/Cas from UK--donation for treats for the Covies and Barnies
Karen K--donation to FFRC

We have a new kitten. Her name is Puzzone, pronounced Poo-Zoone. She's a little bitty 3 1/2 week old now, a medium hair brown tiger/white baby.She arrived on Monday, very sick. Peggy S took her home for 4 nights since she was sick and needed help eating. Puzzone is now eating good, feeling much better and is a rascal! Her name means Little Stinker in Italian. She has a determination that has probably helped her survive. We finally were able to get her leukemia/FIV test done this morning and it's negative! She has already formed a friendship with Camvie. 

Our other new adult cat, Anna Marie is a gem. She's absolutely a gentle cat. It does indeed appear that she doesn't see. We had Anna Marie in the Mail Room yesterday. She stumbled bumbled around, but then got her bearings. She particularly liked the red poof and truly relaxed in it! So nice to see that. This morning, while petting her, I discovered a BB pellet--smack dab in the middle of her forehead, embedded in the skull. Poor baby. Could this be what happened to her left eye? Possibly. She is truly a wonder--so sweet, so loving and so forgiving. 

We had our PetFinder Report. Here are the top 12 cats that were viewed--Zelda, Octavia, Snappy, Dove, Arden, Ratchet, Keesha, Spruce, Polo, Ruthie Ann, Sara, Dahnay. (Take note of the top 2 cats!)

Here is our sweet Anna Marie.