Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday, July 21

Meow! Meow! Meow! We all know what that means here---little Ivo is hungry....again! He's packing on the weight and sure loves his gruel! We're still syringe feeding him. We put him on the floor a little each day so he can interact with the other kittens. Yesterday he was gnawing away on Puzzone's ears. But Puzzone didn't mind, as he was gnawing away on Ivo's tail! 

We had BOXES last night! I am so appreciative. You folks "out there" truly make a difference to us!
Tigercat54/g8 Aunt Julie--3 kitty beds (orange, yellow and blue)
Karen C from Kansas--card, 2 blankies (purple/pink), feather toys, fishing pole toy, 5 big rolls of tape, 2 collars, 4 boxes of business size envelopes, stickers for our friend Hannah, box of Sharpies, postie notes, bright printer paper, Book "Sexy Cats", cat grooming tools, lots of kitty snackers and 2 bags of doggy snackers
Liz G/naturelover from TX--Whisker city cat bed, 3 bags of Jolly Ranchers, 2 daisy rugs, 3 dog toys, 2 "Got Fish" & "Cats Rule" rugs, 2 Nyla bone Kitty toys, Hello Kitty Mug/drinking cup, lots of misc kitty toys, BIG RAT toy, catnip spray, 2 metal magazine holders, 2 nail clippers, lots of kitty snackers, 2 grooming brushes, 2 pet pads/beds, Flip & Tote Shopping basket, pink fish bed, 3 baskets for mail room, crinkle bag, kickeroo toys, 4 small storag containers for mail room, hanging tight bungie cords, 6 slot unit for desk storage and a very nice card
Loricat--fleece for catnip pads or leggydews, box of 13 gal trash bags, 4 packages of "tushie cat wipes!"
Sandra S/allanimals from Iowa--nice card and a donation to help with Pania's eye treatments
HenryRPeeps and Ohmyguiness--birthday card for Jonah and a donation for Jonah
Rob & Sarah P/romeosmom from Missiouri--coupons, pop tabs for Kellen
Judith B from WA--newsletter from cat rescue and a donation
Shauna M from Utah--card
Sherry W and David from NY--thinking of you card (for loss of Catmandu)
Vagabond Village from Cecil, OH--donation
Kikimycat--birthday cards for Soyboy, Jonah and Olaf
Pat & Ellen--a donation to be added to the Help to Spay/Neuter Fund

Merri (the rescue lady from New York) will be having two adoption events at Pet Supplies Plus in Ronkonkoma in NY, on Long Island. These will be on July 27th and August 10th. She is hoping to find more homes from where our Jersey and Merri came from. If you live in that area, please stop in and see her. Spread the dates and this event to push for adoptions! 

We spent quite a bit of TLC time with Merri and Jersey yesterday. I do believe Merri is relaxing a bit. She can purr! Jersey is still unsure of himself and truly reaches out to Merri for comfort. So heart-warming to see this. He will literally reach out and put his paws on her. Slowly, slowly, we'll pull them into our circle. 

Rachet and Sarah are here laying snug together, side by side.Zelda is sleeping on the desk. Kukster is doing great--he climbs everywhere now and plays with all the toys in the center. Weeja is absolutely beautiful and is told this daily! Titoes still has slight congestion, but is feeling stronger each day. The 4 kittens that win the Loudest Purr contest for today is Melia, Malia, Bix and Bixley! 

We took in 5 new kittens very early this morning. Someone dumped a box at the very edge of the road by the driveway. It's truly a wonder that the box wasn't bashed by a car during the night. We tested them already and they are negative. So tiny though. Probably about 4 1/2 weeks old. It makes me sad to think about the mama--where is she and what is she thinking about her missing kittens. People sometimes don't think about this--she knows very well today that her babies are missing. Please, whoever dumped the kittens, get that mama spayed. They are grey (male), grey tiger (male), 2 blacks (males) and one brown tiger (female). All very friendly and will come toddling to the hand already. One of the little black boys has a very very crooked tail--similar to Ming's tail.  Names will come soon, from the Catathon Name a Future Cat List. 

If you are looking for a low cost spay/neuter clinic in our area, here are two numbers: Fort Wayne, In on Maycrest Drive, 260-420,7729 and Perrysburg, Oh 419-266-5607.  These are great prices, well worth the gas money and they do a fine job. Please, please spay and neuter your cats. People tell me all the time....but it's just a stray, it's not mine. My next question answers it all--who is feeding it?  If you are feeding it, it's YOUR cat. Please spay or neuter your cat. There's still time this summer, as some of these females can still have 2 litters yet before winter. And remember, those kittens that were born in March can have litters themselves come fall time. Do this please, for the sake of saving lives. 

The sleepy kitty gang!