Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday, July 29

Today is another college day for FFRC! We will be sending 5 cats to BMC. If all goes well, we will send Anna Marie (check eyes, x-rays for more BB's, lab work), Temba, Ratchet, Pumpkin and Arden. All will have full lab work, microchip placement, full physical and lots of love. In return the students will have wonderful cats to learn their cat-handling technique. They will return Weds. evening.

A shelter received 75 pounds of can food in the name of FFRC, thru our moderator Dawnstar! His vet's office was collecting pet food to give to a local shelter. When Dawnstar went there, he delivered this food, representing FFRC!  So nice of you and I sincerely appreciate that. Happy eating, kitties!

Thanks to Amanda P who donated to FFRC thru PayPal.
Phyllis B from MI donated a bunch of coupons and good wishes.
Tabbycatkid and daughter Lauren donated a big stack of the 6 inch paper plates and helped get our Bleach supply back to a good level! They left yesterday and arrived home safely.

Check out our Zazzle account! There's new designs right now ready to be viewed and very soon will be even more new designs thanks to Goss. The site is:

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Did you know that by volunteering your time to an organization, you may be saving your life? Yes, it's true! Volunteering is a simple way to help others, but it's also a powerful way to help yourself. Research shows that those who volunteer at least 200 hours a year were 40% less likely to develop high blood pressure . The type of volunteer work appeared to be irrelevant. It was the amount of time spent doing it that mattered. So......find that special place you'd like to volunteer at and add joy to that organization and for your health! 

The 12 kittens now all have names. The four kittens of Mechelle's Litter are:
Kwee--calico female with the big gold crown
Kway--calico female with the gold tip tail
Meowzer--black/white male with the all black head
Purrzer--black/white male with a rt. ear that is 1/2 and 1/2 white/black
These are names from 2013 Catathon Name a Cat.  These 12 kittens are all doing great and eating about 95% on their own! Are they messy? You bet they are! Are they cute? Doubly cute! This is so sweet--Bella is their foster mama. Every day she goes to the door that goes to the Welcome Room Office. She meows--loudly! We open the door. She scoots very quickly to the extended Thumper's Room door, sits and meows--even more loudly! We open the door. In she goes to spend hours in there with her kittens. She bathes them, sleeps with them and watches over them. We sure do love this Bella girl!

I am thrilled beyond words and so very thankful. Today, Sarah went to put Merri and Jersey in the Kitty Kabana Room for part of their morning routine. Before she could shut the door, Merri just comes wiggling walking right out the door and into the main area as if she's done it a hundred times! It was pure joy to see this! We picked her up a couple times and put her back down and yet, she did it again. Instead of hiding, she walked! When Sarah brought Jersey out to put in the Kabana Room, she also put him on the floor by Merri but he's not yet ready for this as it was pretty scary. But, wow! What a breakthru for Merri. At this moment, also for the first time, Merri is on the cat window shelf looking outside. She's supporting herself (as she is pretty wiggly) with the window framework! Jersey isn't hiding either. In fact, he got himself on the second level of the Kuranda Tower. We're progressing!

Handsome Rufus--watching a feather toy!