Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Weds., July 24

Today is a special day, with special kittens and cats. You know, when people take the time to spend with their cats, they begin to see a unique personality in each and every cat that comes their way. That is what we want to do here at FFRC, to really know these cats. That way we have an insight as to how to help them to be happy and to find the right home for them. I also love to just watch the cats--they truly do have a "atmosphere" about them. They communicate together in ways that is so interesting. I said today was a special day....but, truly, every day is!

What? Walter is where? He's in the house? Oh brother! That Walter--he goes wherever he wants, whenever he wants and for whatever reasons he wants! Yes, I found him in the house, in front of the opened door, just watching the birds at the feeders. He's so funny. He goes to the back door and meows. We open the door so he can go into Thumper's Room. He meows again and we let him back in. If a room is closed and he meows, we open the door. I do believe we don't even think about it anymore. We all recognize his unique meow-tone.  He meows, we respond! Gotta love him!

Merri and Jersey are right now in Kitty Kabana Room. The main door is shut as is the little cat's door. It's rather difficult for them, these new experiences. Mechelle from Toledo is here and she's been comforting them. Yesterday though, Jersey lapped off of a teaspoon--so he's progressing. Merri is showing signs of looking around, ready to adventure a bit more. I have a feeling each new adventure will require patience and time. 

I talked to Dr. Don yesterday. All 4 of our cats there at college are doing great. Ming was on deck yesterday. It'll be interesting to see what their visit reports are. We'll keep you informed.

We had BOXES last night! We are appreciative of YOU!
Oilsandsgirl/Sheila H--Pet Stages Might mouse catnip toy, Cuddle buddy heater for Merri, Cuddle toy for Jersey, case of Fancy Feast with cheese, 300 count 6 inch paper plates, 2 cases of Appetizers
Mayumi from Japan--birthday card for the Paddys (to be opened on their birthday end of the month!), 2 cases of Tulle, 2 bonito fillet snacks, cat food in packages, 2 chicken snacks for the Paddys
Karen C from Kansas--2 blankies, 6 mega bags of Temptation treats, bag of dry Iams dry, case of Gravy Sensations, 2 cases of Friskies, bag of Friskies Variety dry and a big bag of doggie treats
Zsa Zsa--27 packages of 6 inch Dixie paper plates
Alan C from Utah--donation to FFRC
Francis T from TX and fur baby kitties--00card and donation for where needed, in honor of Merri and Jersey

We have a new kitten. He's a grey tiger/white, about 4 1/2 months old and is another polydactyl. This kitten is wonderful and he wants to play already! He keeps going to the door that separates the Welcome Room Office and the Main Area. He raises up, looks in and watches the kittens playing, then meooooowwwws very loudly. No doubt what he's saying--let me in there! Soon, we tell him. His name is Neko (a Catathon name). 

The Clemm kitten group now have names! The black male is Bear. The grey male is Mogo. The grey tiger male is Togo. The brown tiger female is Rosi. The littlest black male with the very crooked tail is Dapper. Dapper sometimes does a circle walk. He also sometimes spreads his back legs to steady himself. I've been asked several times--could he be a CH kitten? It's hard to tell at his tiny young age. He's barely the size of a minute! Much smaller than his sibs. Hopefully as he grows, he will become more stable. 

Ivo (pronounced ee-voo) is doing great. Joyful let some morning visitors yesterday pet her! There is no doubt that when Peggy S goes into Thumper's Room that Puzzone and Cavie recognize her. Afterall, she was their first mama. Intrepid will have that site of his sutures looked at very carefully today to make sure all stitches are gone. 

Dennis pulled a doozy this morning. While the mop bucket was being filled, he decided to jump from the washer to the counter. He misjudged and plop--right into the mop bucket. So....he had an early morning bath. He's all extra shiny clean now! Then Tabitha pulled a bigger doozy. This was totally my fault. I left a container of gruel on the counter, without the lid. We all know how Tabitha likes to jump into the cupboard to unroll the paper towels. Well, she jumped, hit the container of gruel and it went everywhere. And I mean everywhere. She didn't even stick around to help us clean up! 

Yesterday was Merri, today is Jersey. Some day those eyes will be relaxed!