Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thursday, July 18

What an adventure! Almost 1,300 miles and many many hours of driving. But, we have our 2 precious cats here now at FFRC. There was fog, heavy rain, potholes, at least 5 million cars and 7 million semis, beautiful weather too, gorgeous scenery, Appalachian Mountains, nice people, very long long bridges and on top of it all, many good well-wishers for this trip (our viewers/cammers/supporters). We went thru Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York to Long Island, NY. It was wonderful, but I'm so glad to be home. 

Merri, the rescue person involved in finding all these cats and dogs a home is absolutely wonderful. She has a heart of gold and I so appreciate her effort. She is helping the person who has all these cats and dogs. We all know these two CH cats came from a hoarding situation. My heart also goes out to this person as well. She needs guidance and help in her life. Hopefully she can be rescued too. We shall call her Harriet.

Here's a little information about our two new cats. The brown tiger female is now named Merri, in honor of her rescurer. The black/white male is now named Jersey, for the state of New Jersey that I drove thru. Both are CH cats. Merri is 6 years old  (bd 4/4/07 )and Jersey is 5 years old (bd 7/4/08).  I have just found out today that both of these cats were taken to a vet's office and given over to Harriet. Merri was a young stray kitten, has no history other than that and has been with Harriet ever since. Jersey was also a young kitten and so has spent most of his life also there.

Here's the thing--both were kept in an outside screen porch--no a/c, no fan to cool them. They have always been together. During this time here, I've been told, that little physical touch was given. Boxes not scooped often, but they were fed. No blankies. Sometimes I get "feelings" from cats, sometimes not. When I was first driving with these two cats, I felt a deep deep sadness from them from their eyes. Their first night with me, I set them up in the bathroom Jersey was so very scared. Merri went over to him, and put all 4 legs over him (standing up), then hunkered down over him. I have seen her do this three times now. It very much calms Jersey. I also have a feeling that these cats knew somewhere in their life what love was. That night I read the newspaper in the bathroom with them so I could start to know them.  I also took them on the bed with me for a while. Merri settled on a pillow and Jersey settled in my arm. That was so very nice for me to experience.

These two sweeties will be in Cat's Corner Room for a while. I will ask everyone to please go in, sit with them, pet them, hug them. I will also show them to the cammers at times. We want them to feel a part of this family here. This may take a while, but I think it's doable. So, with lots of patience, we're going to achieve this! My goal is to get them in the main area, happy and confident. 

Next, I want to thank you all for your good thoughts, kind words of encouragement, travel donations and prayers. I truly felt I had 4 angels on each corner of my truck and God's hand on top! Remember our song, Lean on Me? Well, this is ever so true. I leaned on you all and you leaned back! I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I also want to thank the volunteers for pitching in extra these last 3 days. Are there better volunteers in this world? Nope, nope, nope! I love each and every one of them. 

So, it'll take me a couple days to catch up on my work and sleep, but that's ok. It'll happen. I'm just so pleased to have these two new cats here at FFRC. Please send prayers for Merri (the rescuerer) for her to continue to find homes and for Harriet that she becomes at peace with herself. Thank you.

We had an adoption this morning! Yes, our dear sweet Bearta girl went to her new mama, Sherry. Sherry has visited her many times and Bearta already felt at home with her. What a wonderful home for this little kitten!

I also wanted to say thanks for our BOXES of many nights ago!
Rosemary B, from South Africa--gold and multi color ripple crocheted afghan and the gorgeous start crocheted afghan. Both of these are for an auction or a Day Sale. Beautiful work from a generous heart. 
Elisabeth A--a donation in honor of Zelda!!
Neil and Jean S. from OH--a donation for FFRC
Eric and Carrie--a dozen baby food jars
Sue and Sandy (day visitors)--paper towels, 4 cases Fancy Feast, Bounce, 4 tubs Clorox wipes, Laundry soap, granola bars, kitty pillow, volunteer snackers, sardines, cat nip, dog/cat snackers, cat toys
Michlynn (day visitor)--3 big bags of Purina One, 2 boxes dryer sheets, cat snackers and a big bag of volunteer snackers

When I got back from the New York trip, I started sorting my e-mails to catch up. I found so many donations made to help support this trip. Oh my goodness--this is just wonderful and I am so appreciative:
Mary E                  Ellen E                         Karen K
Aunty Fi                Gusti                           Faith M
Caren F                 Arden/Charmaine          Rebecca F
Susan A                Sheila H                       Hencass
Marilyn B              Kim K                          Susan M
Margaret H            Deb B                         Theresa E
Jacksmom            Nancy S                      Tami L
Carla  C                Sonnykat                     Theresa W
Beth A

Thank you too for the offers for an overnight bed, rest and a visit. As you know my trip was very fast planned and I went, got and came back so quickly it's hard to believe it's done! However, I did get to meet my friend David and his mom Sherry (and his teacher and his nurse). They live just minutes from Merri and drove over so we could meet. David is just as wonderful as I thought and it was an honor to meet him. He will always be a special friend to me and FFRC. 

We have LOTS of BOXES here that have accumulated since Saturday! So, BOXES tonight will start at 5:30 pm (ffrc time!).  I even had time to shake and rattle a few of them.

Was I in for a big surprise when I returned home. Zelda was sporting another red collar. I'm beginning to think she's putting them on all by herself. Such a smart cat! That collar too is now on my mug on my desk! She is sleeping beside me. 

Well, I feel like I've been super blessed--family, friends (cyber friends included!), an adoption, 2 new cats and a safe trip! The cats are playing, lots are looking out the windows at the bird feeders, Farrah's had her meds, Whobe is feeling better and the kittens are growing! 

We do have a new baby tiny kitten that arrived a few days ago. He's a little gold/white baby, just tested last night. He's a syringe-fed boy and is ever so sweet. And he's another  polydactyl (all 4 feet). His name is Ivo (a catathon name). 

Doce in his palm tree.