Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday, July 26

Our college cats are back! They have been missed. Next week will be the last week until their topic changes again. We will send 5 cats on Monday, to be returned on Wednesday.

Here are the results of the four that went:
Kukster--very friendly, bright, alert. Was microchipped and had a second FIV/Leuk test which was negative. His lab work is good except his WBC count was a bit high, although no signs of infection was seen. X-rays shows a healing fracture of the right proximal femur where the pin is at. Will monitor for signs of bacterial infection of leg. Stool exam was negative.

Doce--very friendly, bright, alert young adult. Wood's lamp skin examination was negative. They discovered his slightly leaky bottom problem--I had neglected to mention that. He had a tiny itty bitty bit of fecal matter a couple times around the anal area. Also believed to have a bit of loosening around the anal sphincter muscle--possible nerve problem?  Was microchipped and FIV/leukemia tests were negative. Full stool exam was negative  Full lab work normal.

Joline--a shy adult female Persian cat. Fur has rough patches of alopecia (still healing from horrible matted condition upon arrival). Wood's lamp skin examination was negative. Has a 4/6 heart murmur but with no clinical signs. Poor teeth (which we knew, due to already-known about stomatitis). She was microchipped and her FIV/leukemia tests were negative. Her lab work was good! She did not want to eat there, but since being back home has been eating well. 

Then we have our sweet Ming! As Dr. Don put it--he's put together rather oddly. This we sure do know! His discharge instructions: a subdued, disoriented Siamese mix who is VERY thin but is eating aggressively reflecting his previous near-starvation status. Neurologic testing suggested Ming can probably hear, but his vision is poor. His x-rays showed he was extremely constipated (although he was pottying here) and his colon was very very full. He still showed a 6-7% dehydration level. He was given fluids, several enemas and finally manually the colon was emptied. We will keep a check on this and will give him cat-lax daily.We will also be watchful of his bowels, in case he has mega-colon.  His FIV/leukemia test was negative and he was microchipped. His full blood work is normal. His x-rays show a normal spine, but with a major healed fracture at the tail base, probably the result of an accident. Could it be a hit by car? If so, did this also result in a head trauma? We're not sure of his past, but Dr. Don feels strongly that there is some brain damage done. They liked Ming!

So, all in all, very interesting 4 cats.

We had BOXES last night! Big time thanks to all!
Cheri B--our monthly Spoiled Rotten box of goodies--cat grass plus, Wellness pet greens, 2 cans of Ziwipeek, Pet Stages Double action Chime toy and a "Meow" necklace
From Octavia!--case of Whiskas Purrfectly Chicken, 3 cases of Appetizers, 4 cases/boxes of WHiskas Packets (note--everything she sent are easily opened items!!)  Thanks to Octavia's friend for helping her!
Tigercat/great auntie Julie P from IA--12 cans of Tiki food (save some for the Paddy's upcoming BD!) and a case of Felidae can food for Jersey--which he got some for breakfast
Kate C in TN--2 packages of single serve Starbucks instant coffee for the volunteers
Tara from OH--hologram magnet/bookmark, donation for the Porchies and Covies (will get something neat to play with!), 2 dz. large padded envelopes, padded electronics bag and acrylic containers for the Mail Room
Holly/williamsholly--gift for Molly and Kelly--a beautiful, soft frog blanket
Kikimycat--birthday card for Olaf with a poem
Karen B from Defiance--Chief tapes
Jo Ann C--a continued conversation between Merri and Jersey about their Kabana Room adventure (2). Thanks, Jo Ann!
Anna Marie--a donation for her name sake Anna Marie to help with vet bills
Kat T from UK--a donation for FFRC

We had our report from Petfinder! The top 13 cats that were viewed are: Zelda (gee, imagine that!), Weeja, Octavia (of course!), Beartoe, Tillytoe, Navi, Ginger, Preakness, Jemison, WHoebe, AP, Kiko and Arden.

The Covies are out and running already all over the farm yard today! Let the games begin! 

Archer--gotta love this boy. Full of orneriness and love!