Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1, Monday

Happy July! Neighbors have already been popping off fireworks. The first couple sent the kittens scattering, now it's no big deal to them. When we first started this Rescue Center, we were advised to keep all the cats in their seperate pens--no floor time, no together play time. While I understand the thought behind this, I flatly refused the suggestion. I'll risk a few colds here and there, compared to no socialization of the cats. I'd rather work thru a couple germs and have these cats use to lots of loving, shop vacs, watching things going on outside, have group play times and being use to the hub bub of a busy day! 

Kukster is out for a supervised walk-about. He's doing very well and he's such a super nice cat--very loving. Joline is next to me napping and she is feeling good as well. Emaline has used a 55th life! She is feeling good and is eating again. This girl never ever ceases to amaze me. Her will to get thru these bad times is huge and full of determination. She slept on me for hours last night. 

Ann and Sean are here. These are the people that belong to Penn and Teller! They have returned! Pixel will be spayed on Weds. then travel with Ann and Sean on Thursday to join their family. She will be fine to travel on Thursday. Remember too that Intrepid will also be going on Weds. to have more surgery done on his eye.

We've heard from Courtney and she and the calico crew have made it back to Maine with no problems. Sounds like things are going good. A good bonding time during travel time! I so appreciate having these 4 cats have a great home. 

This week we will have a few more adoptions! Pixel will leave on Thursday. JustMe will be arriving to adopt Zsa Zsa. Sarah will be arriving to adopt Kohart and Danika. Neil will be traveling with Sarah. We still have Bearta, Abbott,  Fiona & Sammie on hold. We also have new boy Butch on hold!

We will continue today to pack up and mail out the Catathon items. We've been working full speed ahead on this, but did take the weekend off of packing. We are about 2/3's done with it, but this will still take a few days. Please be patient with us! The pre-sales are now going out too. We've also sent out the 2013 cookbooks about 2-3 weeks ago. I'm told that media mailing sometimes takes up to a month to deliver.

Many thanks to:
Julie P/tigercat54--2 Tiki cases, Sharpies and salmon cubes snackers (the snackers are disappearing quickly! Emaline likes them too)
Kate from UK--a donation thru PayPal for treats for Emaline
Sean & Ann (our visitors this week)--Tide HE, TP, litter, Mr. Clean, homemade cookies!, volunteer snackers, clorox wipes, Meow Mix cups, Lysol, cat toys, case of Friskies, Book "Dewey", cat snackers, big bag of chocolate M&M's, baby food

I'd like to say a special thanks to so many of you. Frequently, when we mention that a certain cat or kitten needs some special help, I instantly and continually see where prayers are lifted up and candles are lit. I thank you for this. It means a lot to me and this Rescue Center. 

We will be weighing a lot of the kittens this week to see who can have their spays/neuters done this coming Saturday. Surgeries will be done here at the Rescue Center, in our extended Thumper's Room. The cabinets, counters, cupboards are in and things are now in place. Today I hope to start labeling the shelves. This will make it so nice to do surgeries in this room! 

Walter is wound up this morning. He loves watching the birds outside and gets so excited! Cozarelii will spend hours on the ledges watching the bird feeders--this is one time he looks so calm. Jolene's fur is growing and growing. Straight on the back and very fuzzy on her tummy. 

This is Camvie--our smallest kitten who has high energy and is focused on which door to follow us thru! Her right eye has some scarring on it but we're hoping we still get some healing done for it.