Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tuesday, July 23

Farrah is purring on my desk, the roosters are crowing, the donkey just brayed, Pania is making her chirping noise at the window and the sunrise was beautiful this morning. What a great day already!

We have college kitties again! Yesterday, Dr. Don came for 4 cats to take to Brown Mackie college. These are for the new vet tech students to start to learn how to position cats for various treatments. We sent Doce, Ming, Joline and Kukster. These are 4 greats cats to go on this mission! X-rays will be given on all, so that will be particularly beneficial for Ming and Kukster. It'll be interesting to see Ming's hips and rear leg joints. For Kukster, we'll be able to see the position of his pin. Complete lab work will also be done. This will be great for Joline, considering her age. And Doce went just for sheer pleasure! They will return on Thursday.

I imagine that Animal Planet will be starting up their next voting contest soon. Because of rule changes, we will not be participating. A shelter or rescue must be a 501c3 or have a Municipal Shelter EIN. While we of course have an EIN number, it is not a Municipal Shelter one. So........I'm extra very thankful that we won the $10,000 on the first 2013 go-around! We did it! 

We had BOXES last night. These are always gratefully received. I saw this today and thought it was neat:  "You're on my cool list...and it's in permanent ink!". 
Ladydoc/Irene--LOTS and LOTS of medical supplies--chuck pads, conforming bandages, syringes, blankies, iodine wipes, non adhering dressings, telephone records, etc.  An extra big thank you! We will use every bit of this!
Solitarydancer/Deb B from NJ--For Merri and Jersey: 2 big comfy beds, thick and soft, with low sides so they can get on them. I already saw Merri on one of them.
Jatcat--a huge stack of page plastic sleeve protectors
Joann C/joco--a wonderful conversation that she wrote, in the eyes of Merri and Jersey. So very special.
Faithy--a sweet poem called Derecho Finds His Niche. It's wonderful and enjoyed by everyone
Lynda S from MN--a PayPal donation for FFRC
Stephanie/steffer from IL--a PayPal donation for FFRC
Dorothy H from UK--a donation to go towards our spay/neuter fund
Arden and Charmaine--a donation to help with the new 5 kitties

This is very interesting! One of our moderators told me that the UK newspaper (which has the 6th highest sales around the world) has selected FFRC as a top ustream video. Check it out at: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/features/5021613/9-of-the-worlds-wackiest-live-webcams.html?OTC-RSS&ATTR=Features

Our new 5 group is doing great. We have two visitors here at FFRC for part of this week who has taken over their syringe feeding during the day. They are Mindy and Diana. This litter is pretty small yet and appear to be fairly healthy. The littlest one, with the kinky tail also appears to have some coordination problems at time, yet those little legs sure can go. We'll be able to tell more as he gets a bit bigger. Diana and Mindy are also syringe feeding little Ivo. He's a charmer and has taken Puzzone and Camvie on as his friends. I call them the Three Musketeers. They all follow each other, although Ivo is still pretty small and slower. 

We are all spending lots of time with Merri and Jersey. Merri is now eating a normal amount with no hesitation! I'm still syringe feeding or mouth feeding Jersey, but he very willingly takes it. Soon, I'm sure, he'll think about taking on this "job" for himself! In addition to people visiting them in their room, we are now carrying them about the rescue center. This morning, Clemm was carrying Jersey and he had his head up and looking around! Now, that may not seem like much, but it's major! He was relaxed enough to not hide his head and to take an interest in his surroundings. What a joy to see that. Last night Merri was playing with a peacock feather. Progress is being made, simply by giving something that doesn't cost a penny--love and hugs! 

Won't be long until we go into full swing of planning the next Catstock. The date for this is September 7, a Saturday. We've started talking about the plans and have a few things going already, but come August, it's full speed ahead. Hoping lots of you can come and join us in the fun! 

The windows are open in the Kitty Kabana room and right now there are 14 cats/kittens sitting on the window ledge looking out at the bird feeders and the front yard. They love it. 

Here is our sweet Merri.