Saturday, July 6, 2013

Saturday, July 6th

We're all ready for a busy day! Lots of visitors, a couple adoptions and surgery today!

We have Neil and his daughter Sarah here. They will be leaving this morning with Sarah's two new adoption kittens--Danika and Kohart. Pixel and her new family arrived home safely to Penn and Teller! We also have Susan/Schinn and vrs1/Vaun visiting us. Both are moderators--I sure enjoy meeting face to face the moderators! Kathy/Justme and Joni are here also visiiting. Kathy will be adopting Zsa Zsa and will be leaving tomorrow.  Busy visiting weekend!

Today also is surgery day. We have a full surgery list--lots of boys to be neutered and a fair amount of girls to be spayed. We will also have Dr. Darcy check on Catmandu. He seems to be better. I'm wondering if one of his wires has been irritating the tissue in his leg? She will also do an eye enucleation on Zest, the calico Sphinx. This is a completely atrophied eye, has been like this for 2 years. We've only had her for maybe 5 weeks, but it's time to relieve her of this problem. It's a bothersome "eye" to her. Dr. Darcy will also give an evaluation of Ming. So, busy day. Pizza lunch will be provided by Joyce S/D. Thank you!

We just sent another truckload of packages/boxes out yesterday for the Catathon orders! Slowly but surely, we're getting to the end! If you haven't sent your payment yet, please help us out and send it in so we can ship your order to you! Thanks! We're anxious to get the Mail Room completely done in organizing it--we're almost there.

We had BOXES last night. Many many thanks for this support. Boxes was a bit different, as ustream was acting up. Most had no video, but had audio. I so wish these ustream problems would get worked out.
WarpedinMN--2 big bags of Iams Kitten dry food
Cathy R/grumpycathy--4 packages of cat toys, 2 Fancy Feast cases and a Fancy Feast Classic Blend.
Lynn S--6 multi colored, beautiful scarves for Day Sales or our Store (peacock, marble, twist, conga, tamzanita, mambo)
Colleen P--Commando hooks, coupons, post it notes, permanent felt pens--all for the Mail Room and some kitty toys!
Vaunita/vrs1cats and Susan C/schinn8 (visitors)--231 pound of kitty litter (extra thanks!), 9 cases of Friskies, 6 appetizers for Putter, Bonita flakes for Mayor Anony, a childsize Paddy shirt (for any child), pop tabs for Kellen, kitty toys and a copy of "I could Pee on This", which went into our little bathroom!
Kathy (visitor)--12" paper plates, 6" paper plates, 2 boxes Bondi Licks, treats for volunteers, 5 bags of dog snackers, wash cloths, coffee cups, plastic cups, 16 bags of kitty snackers, kitty toys, sardines, 12 tubs of Meow Mix, 9 cans of Sheba, 3 dz. Fancy Feast appetizers, 2 kitty play cubes, dozen kitten Fancy Feast cans, Laundry soap, 20# bag of bird seed and some dry Purina One cat food
Rose S--scarf and card for Janet, card for FFRC, 3 organizer totes for Mail Room, cat toys, sponges, Clorox wipes (3), Lysol wipes (3), 2 bottles Dawn soap, kitty snackers and Volunteer snackers
Conii--15 # Royal Canine kitty food, 6 cases of Fancy Feast and a case of Appetizers
Kelly R--card, 2 kitchen towels, 2 cat clipboards, ruler, 4 reels scotch tape and 16 packets Whiskas variety, scissor mouse, lots of 2 inch scotch tape, regular scotch tape, scissors, bubble mailers, cat writing tablets, voluneer snackers, 2 big bags of bubble gum, cookies, animals crackers, package for Kelly and Molly and 80 cans of Fancy Feast. So...some things for kitties, some for volunteers, some for FFRC and some for the Mail Room!
Brooke--2 cardboard bed bowls
Anonymous Friend--cardboard bed bowl and a case of Fancy Feast Kitten
Kerswill--nail trimmer, turbo ball toy and 2 extra scratcher pads and a Fun Run tunnel!
AlexandralovesJosh--for Ginger--temptation mix, laser light toy, catnip duck toy and piggy, toy with long ribbon
Karie B--Purina One Dry cat food, 2 cases of Fancy Feast
Anna Marie, Neil & Sarah--coupons, 2 giant totes which were filled with paper plates, white out, sticky notes, laser toy, napkins, batteries, Fancy Feast, sm & big trash bags, 2 big Tide HE, clorox wipes, dog snackers, Chia Cat Grass Planter and 12 paper towels
Cheryl L--wonderful card
Lucy P--donation thru PayPal to help CatMandu's vet/care costs
Domingo F from Italy--donation thru PayPal

It was like Christmas last night! Many thanks to you all! Box time was not "as usual". Please forgive me for any errors. As always, feel free to e-mail me with any corrections.

Please remember to check out   This is a great way to help FFRC!

The cats are all just fine! Ming is cruising about quite a bit. Right now Pumpkin and Ginger are plowing into each other. Then licking, licking each other followed by another cat attack! Not a care in the world! Preakness is fast asleep on my desk and Asha is also curled up right beside me. Dovie is busy at the water bowl, while watching Titana and Judson playing with a jingle toy. Yesterday was one of the craziest days for the kittens--constant playing and picking, but oh what fun!

Such peacefulness--Walter, Hankster, Fiona and Patches