Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday, July 7

Surgery day is over and done with and all are recovered! Dr. Darcy did an awesome job, as always. 
The boys that were done are: Kenco, Patches, Archer, Little Hank, Toby, Beartoe, Dennis, Ming, Pokie Dot, Canto and Butch. The girls that were done are: Tillytoes, Althea, Melia, Malia, Sammie and Fiona. All did just fine! All are recovered and playing and eating. 

Dr. Darcy also looked at Camvie's right eye thas has been a problem since she arrived. It seemed like 4-5 days ago, she started to keep the eye open a bit more and that the eye wasn't so cloudy. We've been able to get ointment onto the eye easier. She thought that maybe this eye can continue to heal! Very good news idea for Camvie. 

Little Catmandu is having problems. As you probably know, Catmandu starting reacting as if in pain a couple days ago. Yesterday he seemed a bit better, but last night it has started again, with him being in great pain today. We  now have him on 2 pain meds and Dr. Darcy would like to take another x-ray very soon due to his discomfort. She feels that possibly the top wire is causing this great discomfort. Poor little fella--we're giving him much TLC and have him on a thick pad to help him. We'll get to the bottom of what is happening to him and will help him. 

Ming was also looked at. Here is his story:  Ming--a wonderful cat, but with many problems.
Who knows what happened to him before his arrival. My first thought when he arrived was that he was "put together incorrectly".  His eyes are very deep seated and very narrow on his face. He's a crypt cat--meaning one of his testicles was retained (this does happen, but another aspect of his physical build), his hips are not correctly placed which means his legs and feet (rear) are at 90 degree angles to his body. His tail has two severe malformations in it. It very much appears that he is "lost in his thoughts". This was again evidenced yesterday while Dr. Darcy and I was observing him. If a blind cat gets in a corner, they figure it out pretty quickly how to move out of the corner. A cat with brain trauma has more problems--there's a constant back and forth, simply moving within the corner and having a hard time exiting it. It took him 6-7 minutes several different times yesterday to get out of the corner. He also constantly paces--having a hard time settling down. Only once have we seen him bat at a toy, sometimes he lays down only to immediately get up again. It appears that he has trouble "settling". When he's awake, it's a constant pacing for him--another indicator of brain trauma. He seems to be "within himself, in his own world". Dr. Darcy believes these things are all related and to a cerebrum trauma (not a cerebellar problems like the CH cats--it's completely different).  This morning he purred and kneaded! He also is painfully thin with no appetite. He does try to eat now, but it takes him so very very long to eat just a little. It's like his desire for food is not there. This also, according to Dr. Darcy can be from brain trauma--the signal for hunger is not there. So.....what does this all mean? We're not sure, other than we love him and want him to be happy in his own world. Time will tell--it's not thought there will be much improvement, we just don't want any progression of this. We'll love him and help him. 

We had two adoptions yesterday! Neil and daughter Sarah arrived early to gather up Sarah's two new kitties--Kohart and Danika. Two wonderful kittens going to a wonderful home! This morning Kathy and Joni left to head back home too. Kathy adopted Zsa Zsa who is going into another wonderful home. So happy for these kittens. So, that's 3 adoptions this weekend! 

We've had a lot of visitors this weekend and we sure enjoy it. They provide lots of friendship to us and help us alot in the day to day action here. So very nice! We still have Vaun and Susan here--both moderators--who are visiting. Happy Birthday to Vaun today! Oops, was I suppose to say that?!!! 

We had BOXES last night! I am so very appreciative.
IgotafriendinME/Faith (Sammie and Fionas mama-to-be)--Flannel blankies for Fiona and Sammie, 5 receiving soft blankies, 3 Maine books for FFRC and 10 pillow cases
Justme/Kathy & Zsa Zsa--card, donation and Willow figure Affection-Angel holding a kitty and another Willow figure Kindness--sitting girl with a kitty! I love these and will treasure them
Joni--a donation and she also brought a donation from her sister--so very much appreciated by me! 
Funflyers--This is a group of people who have formed a friendship, thru another webcam (eagles) and help support FFRC too! They are Kathy, Bonnie in TX, Kim in CO, Vicki in FL, Sheryl in IA, Deb in MD, Linda in IA and Denise in VA. They sent with Kathy, 6 boxes of Whiskas, case of Friskies, kitty snackers, 5 boxes of Meow Mix tubs, Case of Classic Variety, bag of Max Cat dry, 2 cases of Appetizers and lots of toys!  
Also, of the Funflyers, ColoEagle/Kim sent 2 embroidered kitty towels and 2 embroidered kitty pillow cases, as she has done in the past. These have went over big at our Day Sales!
Neil & Anna Marie--wanted to say a thank you too for your donation to FFRC
Wanda--donation to FFRC for a portrait she did for a webcam viewer
Ruud O--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Nigel W from UK--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Charlene/littleBit/Lovemycats2--a cardboard cat bowl bed (for the kittens to tear up!) and a case of kitten Fancy Feast.

The Porchies are doing fine. They also love the visitors--it means more hands to pet them! The Covies are doing great too. They had visitors that groomed them! Today they will get out to do a barn-run-about--the Running of the Covies! 

Sweet Patches--loves his belly to be rubbed!