Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday, July 19

Cutie has her new collar on and she sure looks great. I think she rather likes it! Today we want to go thru some of the residents and recheck collars. You may notice a few new ones put on.

Yes, ustream has been doing some changes in the last day, so sometimes the chat isn't working or is split or sometimes the video isn't even running. Just be patient--they'll have it fixed soon, I'm sure.

I've been asking everyone to go in and sit and visit with Merri and Jersey. This morning I went in and held them both. When I put Merri down, she came back to me to have more head rubs! I was thrilled. Jersey is much more timid and truly depends on Merri. It's quite interesting to watch their friendship. Hopefully both will grow in their confidence level. Jersey isn't eating yet, but he will swallow food when I put it in his mouth. So....we'll be happy for that for a while and hope his appetite kicks in. Both love to have their heads rubbed now.

Little Ivo, the polydactyl is doing great, That little kitten sure can purr. And he's taking his syringe feedings really good. Camvie and Puzzone like to come over when Ivo is being fed and get a little syringe feeding too! Such big babies!

We have Anna Marie in the main area right now cruising about. She has taken this adventure on like everything else--slow and easy. Nothing seems to frazzle her--she's always calm and ever so gentle. She's a wonderful cat.

We had BOXES last night! It was fun to open all the boxes and get caught up. We didn't get to finish with the envelopes as that is when ustream started having issues. But, we'll get those caught up next time! Thank you for the Thursday night boxes!
Tigercat54/great auntie Julie--case of fancy feast and an XXL super soft crate pad bed
Lovebugs--2 tuna flavored Lickey Sticks
Betz--new collar for Cutie's birthday
Lois L/lannml--Birthday card for Riley with 3 Yeoooow catnip bananas to share with his friends and also 3 cases of Fancy Feast grilled
Holly E from TX--4 cases of baby food jars
Furkitty/Ellen & Cathouze/Pat from FL--5 cases of baby food
Anna Marie--for kitty Anna Marie: 2 cases of Appetizers (I'm sure she'll share with her friends!)
ChristyH447/Christine H--For the Covies multiple birthdays: 7 of the 6 oz. of Friskies Party Mix snackers, 3 cosmic catnip bananas, Yeooow stinkers (catnip sardines) in a can and a package of coil spring toys
Slickieboy--Peeka Prize Toy Box and a Senses Treat Tower Toy (they'll love these!)
Jobear from MN and her kitties Jade, Pippi, Shadow & Misty--card, Temptation snackers, 4 purple wash cloths and 4 pink handtowels
Debbie C/lostgirl--angel kitty card with a note and a beautiful concrete art (a kitty angel for alberts garden)  Artist is Mary Ferguson
Anonymous Friend--4 packages of Temptation treats
Jatcat--2 Kong active toys--a double figure 8 track ball--will provide lots of fun and a container of catnip
Caren F--batttery operated swimming frog!, 4 mouse toys, case of Chicken Soup of the cat lovers soul and a case of Friskies Salmon
Arden and Charmaine--3 cases of Friskies variety, 2 cases of Friskies Pate and a case of Fancy Feast
Anonymous Friend--2 cases baby food jars
Anonymous Friend--a wonderful memorial stone for our sweet Catmandu. 
Henry R Peeps and Ohmyguiness--sent birthday cards and a donation for each for SoyBoy, Timothy and Olaf. Will get the Covies something to share with their birthday $$!
Kikimycat--Happy Birthday card for Zelda with her picture and a lovely note
Gusti from Germany--a donation for little Ivo
Conii & Elliott--donation for the Feliz Navidad fund 
Holly W--donation for the NY trip for Merri and Jersey

I just saw a chatter say the kittens have their batteries recharged! And that is the truth--they are very hyper this morning. Lots of playing, running and being ornery. Walter was bathing Kiko this morning. Bixby is full of himself--jumping from one level to another like he has springs for feet. Zelda is sleeping on a box with Intrepid alongside of her. Octavia (I'm just SURE it was her) thieved 3 items during the night. Paddy Purr is looking more like a lion everyday with his big neck mane.

Ruthie Ann came out for a gentle petting this morning. She's so very shy but so wonderful with the young kittens. Putter is feeling great. He loves to sit on the couch. He can't get up there by himself, so I frequently put him up there. Looks like a king! Emaline is doing pretty good right now. Joyful is so good with the little kitties in Thumper's Room. She never swats them. She's even being more open to being petted by visitors--once or twice, then that's enough! But, she sure enjoys herself! 

A card that I received has a beautiful saying on it: "Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened.  Happiness never decreases by being shared." Now, isn't that the truth! 

Here is Melia.  She and her sister Malia are wonderful kittens--so friendly!