Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday, July 28

What a doozy of a storm we had late afternoon yesterday. We were by a window when it suddenly became dark outside and within a few minutes, the rain and wind unleashed itself. The kitties were fine, the horses were put in their stalls rather quickly, the ducks and geese squatted down facing the storm and the Porchies went to their sunporch. We had one large tree branch come down and lots of sticks on the property today. About 3 miles up the road is where the damage really started and went  a few miles of knocking down trees. We went driving around last night to see--was quite amazed at the large number of huge trees that went down. I'm thankful we only minimal damage.

We had BOXES last night! Always a fun, thankful time for me.
Miss Octavia's Fine Arts School of Heist Academy--case of Fancy Feast Classics, 2 boxes of Gravy Sensations, a case of Fussie Cat tuna, give extra to Raza, 4 dozen Meow Mix cups. Thanks to the person that assisted Octavia with this. Notice that all things that arrived are the kinds that Octavia particularly likes to heist!
Tabbycatkid/Alex and Princessfluffypants/Lauren--(our weekend visitors)--lots of various K-kups. Lauren donated $295 from monies earned by selling her tie dye clothing in her moms story "Tabby Cat Kids".  What a wonderful thing Lauren did for FFRC! Thank you. She also gave us a onesie and a burp cloth, both tie dyed to show us. We will give these to Molly and Kelly.

We had an adoption yesterday! Our shy, sweet Ruthie Ann is now in a home! She went with a "quiet couple" who has lots of time for her. I was pleased with how Ruthie Ann reacted, as she seemed to welcome their attention. I called last night to double check and things were fine. Not in a lap yet or on a couch, but close by them, laying on a rug. So, that's a start for Ruthie Ann!

Ming is out and about again this morning. We have now started him on laxatone, but will add something different to his diet starting tomorrow, per Dr. Darcy. We don't want that intestinal track to become sluggish again. Another thing to watch long term on him.

A cat crate is on the floor and has become the kittens new toy. Currently, there are 5 kittens squished inside. All I can see is five furry heads looking about from their cave! Snappy and Doce are sitting on top of it.

Yesterday the 12 baby kittens that are in the extended Thumper's Room had a bath. Not that you can tell that today, but yesterday they were once again fluffy and poofed up! They are all doing very good. They love their duckie stuffed toy. Sometimes it's even used as a sucking friend!

Emaline is doing pretty good. I just love how she is such a velcro girl. If I sit down, here she comes! If I try to stand up, she'll try and get into the lap again very quickly! Putter is also doing good. His morning favorite thing is to be on the couch while I eat my breakfast.

Sammie, Kenco and Fiona are playing with a peacock feather. Those kittens of Catsparella are awesome--so sweet. They all have that same wide look to their heads, by their eyes. Very striking.

Intrepid is doing good also. I believe his healing is complete. His leg wound is fine. His eye looks beautiful. He still turns in circles often, but he can run and walk straight much of the time. His purrmotor certainly works great!

All is well here and I'm thankful for this rescue center and our FFRC friends. Have a great day.

Melia, a beautiful kitten!