Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday, July 27

12 kittens are now roaming about in the extended Thumper's Room! So sweet. They're pretty tiny and sure can purr. If you sit in there with them quietly, you can hear the purr motors going! All are now eating pretty good by themselves. The wonderful gruel concoction has won them over! There's a couple that we'll top off just to make sure their tummies are round. I love how they turn into a pile of kitties at nap time. Camvie thinks she's the big girl on the block since she's the oldest. A bunch of wonderful kittens!

Ming has been out and about quite a bit now. Yesterday was the first day that we saw him way up high on a cat walk. It's hard sometimes to watch them get into positions like this, but we have to take a deep breathe and let them be themselves. He did of course make it down safely by himself! 

The Covies were out and about yesterday. We've had cooler weather this week, so they were extra energized! They were in the big red barn, the grey barn, the chicken coop, the roosting coop--they were everywhere! So much fun makes for a good night sleep for them! 

Fiona, Whoebe, Tillytoes and Judson are all wrapped up together napping on the big red poof. Titoes is doing so much better. He's eating good now and gaining weight. His middle name should be Miracle. He is one tough kitten and fought his battle with being sick like a pro. FIVE weeks working on him. His will to live is great. I saw him yesterday tackle his brother Beartoe. Went in for the ambush, got him on his back and then took off! Little scamp! We just smiled!

We had BOXES last night. Sure do appreciate wht you folks do for us.
Conii--2 boxes from Harry & David--18 delicious, wonderful pears! 
Northpole--a cement cat paw with FFRC on the toes and 2013 across the pad. I love it and will put it in one of the rock gardens
Tigercat54/G'aunt Julie P from IA--12 cans of Tiki sardine cutlets and 2 trays to help carry out the 9 food plates to the Porchies! No more spilled plates.
Lana H--donation for FFRC. Lana just adopted a little rescue kitten!
Gusti from Germany--donation to help with baby food for Ivo and Rosi and for drinks for the guests and volunteers
Kate E from UK--donation for treats for Ming to welcome him back from college

Merri and Jersey spent some time again in the Kitty Kabana room yesterday morning. Jersey ate a fair amount of food yesterday by himself! I still syringed fed him this morning so he continues to know that good things come straight from a person. This will be a slow process with these two sweeties, but time is free here so we have plenty of that!

We have Ruthie Ann on hold! If this is a go she will be able to have her own quiet house! We have guests coming today for a couple days. Joline ate good yesterday with no trouble. This is a daily thing we keep track of. Cutie is doing great. She actually has a little tummy now! Putter was out a bit yesterday. Pania is so bold now--that girl has no fear of anything. She'll occasionally will still bump into things, but for the most part, she has things figured out. What a girl she is! 

Walter is wonderful. He is definitely boss over the dogs and they know it. Nothing gives him as much pleasure as escorting those dogs in and out. I just saw him in the extended Thumper's Room looking out longingly to my granddog, Rosie thru the window. He knows exactly what he's doing--he's even boss over this beagle! What a boy.

Derecho has been a bit wigglier this past week. He's trying to go fast, I believe, but he'll figure it out. He's a smart boy and will figure out what speed he can go at a safe pace. He sure loves his baby food little treat in the morning. 

Little sweet Pumpkin.