Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Weds., July 12

BOXES are at 5:30 pm tonight (FFRC time!) Because of our two meetings on Monday and movie night last night, we will have 3 days of box collections to open! What fun. Come join us on the cam!

This morning, our sweet Althea will be leaving with Courtney and flying to her new home in Maine. Courtney is our new mama to Kitty Q, Catsparella, Maui and Courbet. Althea will join this calico group and have a wonderful home. 

We did a few weights yesterday. Gaining weight is a good indicator that kitties or ones that weren't feeling well, are now improving. Little Bearta is of a good healthy weight now. We'll be setting up her spay day very soon as she is on hold and her new mama is anxious to take her home! 

Many thanks to:
Glynette M from CA--donation, in memory of little Catmandu
Kate E from UK--donation in memory of brave Catmandu, treats for Ming and in honor of Vaun for helping Ming
Aunty Fi--donation to help with costs for Ming
Ellen/furkitty & Pat/catHouze--donation in memory of Catmandu
Brooke B from OH--donation for Derecho
Lucy--donation in memory of dear Catmandu.

If you have sponsored a cat from the Catathon and have not given us the name of your desired cat or if you haven't seen it in yet, please let me know! Also if you have designated a name for Name a Future Cat and haven't seen it in yet, please also let me know that. Just e-mail me so we can get everything correct! As people are getting their last payments for their Catathon items to us, we continue to mail things out. We are probably at 95% done now!

We are absolutely so fortunate to have our veterinarians. Each life is important to them. Yesterday the entire team of people that work at Dr. P's office had an hour meeting in regards to Catmandu. All aspects of his surgery was detailed, went over and picked apart. They came up with even better procedures for their surgery protocols . THIS is why I respect them so highly. While we cannot control those rare drug interactions, they were willing to scrutinize and evaluate themselves. My thanks to them.

Update on the oldsters: Magenta continues to eat her 20 meals a day! Well, maybe not quite that many, but she likes those frequent, small meals. Ada Jane is doing great. She is still developing her Meow sound which we all come arunning--as that means she would like either food or the faucet to drip. Putter is....well, Putter! He's doing good, eating just fine and loves to sit on the couch.

The kittens are hyped up this morning. Just lay out some UPS paper and it's crazy time playing here! If it gets flattened, simply bunch it up and they'll have a go at it again. Right now there are 6 kittens playing beside me, with a tiny bit of a feather. It's Ginger, Judson, Remison, Toby, Kenco and Bixley. 

Kukster has spent his first 24 hours out of his pen and is doing great. He's an ornery boy--loves to play with the kittens and any of the toys. He's healing very nicely. Joline's fur continues to grow in. Fuzzy and curly in some places. Raza is watching the birds outside the window. Little Intrepid--he's a brave boy. He's been thru so much, yet is a loverbug. 

Our Hank, a Porchie. He is such a happy boy and considers himself boss of the Barnies too!