Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tuesday, July 2

We spent a couple hours yesterday morning taking weights, giving vaccinations, wormings and applying flea prevention. Also we cleaned ears and trimmed toenails. I'm working on getting the surgery list together for Saturday so we'll know who will be spayed/neutered. 

Bearta continues to improve, as does Titoes. Bearto is fine as is Tillytoes. It's so hard when one is under the weather. Bearta's future mama visits her often, which Bearta loves. She's a purrbox for her mama.

Ann and Sean are here, awaiting their adoption of Pixel. They've been very helpful and pitching in helping us do chores here. In the meantime, they are getting to know Pixel better and better! Yesterday they helped us do the individual pawographs.

Camvie continues to eat by herself. I am thrilled that she is eating good! Her good buddy is Merlyn. Butch's new mama has been visiting him also. That would be our volunteer Mary Braid. The whole group of kitties in Thumper's Room are all getting along great. Super action, lots of playing going on!

We took in a new cat yesterday. His name is Ming (a catathon name). I called him a possible Turkish Van yesterday. But, his fur isn't long enough as it's rather short. I also said his rear legs are splayed. Well.....here's a better description of him. He probably is an apple-head siamese blend. He's cream colored with orange points.  He's young--probably about 9 months old and has short fur. His eyes are blue. He's rather a strange boy and I'm still trying to figure him out. His back legs are very supportive of him, but he's not splayed. His ankles touch as he walks and they are held at odd angles. His tail at the base has a definite kink that causes the tail to be held to one side. His eyes are odd--very deep set and very close together, which gives him a different look about him. Did I say strange? Well, it's very strange. Do we love him already? Sure do! He's very sweet. He's also so painfully thin. He doesn't have a great appetite, but enough that I hope we can help him gain weight soon. We will have him neutered on Saturday.

We had BOXES last night! Many, many thanks!
Jatcat--Panasonic phone 6.0--a 5 phone series. Many thanks. Our other phone unit is struggling. This will be a big bonus for us. Also label tapes for the label machine. Extra thanks, Jatcat for knowing our needs.
Conii G from FL--Whiskas, Appetizers and 2 cases of Fancy Feast and Sheba variety. 
Anonymous--a memorial stone for TIppytoes for Albert's Garden
Aunty Fi--a memorial stone for Meg for Albert's Garden
Ann & Sean (Pixel's new owners)--a ceramic cat that Ann made--looks like Badu!  Love it!
Brooke B--a donation thru PayPal for something special for Derecho (will get him a new scratching circle for his beloved turbo track toy!)
Linda G--donation to FFRC thru PayPal

Happy Birthday to Cutie! She is 7 years old today. Cutie arrived here when she was just 3 weeks old and we had to bottle fed her. She was just a tiny thing. She also arrived with 2 cuterebras in her head. These were both removed. She is officially adopted by Gregg, but remains here as an FFRC cat. She is big time loved! Happy Birthday, Cutie. She's already had 2 baby food breakfasts. 

Kohart and Danika have spent 2 nights in Kitty Kastle together. This is in preparation of helping them to bond together since they will be adopted together soon. They sure do love each other and had a lot of fun playing. Thanks to Janet for doing this.

Abbott, Temba, Navi and Zsa Zsa--what an extra sweet litter of kitties. They all look different from one another but all have that sweet face look. Abbott is definately the biggest with Zsa Zsa right behind him. Little Hank and Hankster are also doing great. They're growing and sure do like to play. Today one of the cardboard bed bowls came apart which now will provide hours of a new kind of toy! 

Here's the proof! Camvie is eating by herself along with Intrepid!