Monday, July 15, 2013


  1. Oh my goodness--I can't believe I'm doing this, but I am. I'm going to Long Island, New York to pick up 2 CH cats. I don't have much time. Want to leave at 3:00. A hoarder situation. The two cats are healthy, moderate CH cats and will probably be euthanized if we don't help. A rescue organization is involved there in NY, but cannot keep them. So, we're gonna do it. I know...aren't there places there that can take them? Well, no. Are we responsible for them?  well, no. Do we want to helpthem? You bet we do. So with lots  of help from the volunteers and moderators, I'm going. I will rather enjoy the peace and quiet and feel a great need for a little break. I'll keep in touch with the moderators and let them know where I'm at. It's a 12 hour drive one way. Plan on being back on Weds. Connie is doing breakfast. Becky M is doing late night tonight. We have a driver to take and pick up Bearta tomorrow and a volunteer to oversee her. Have all bases covered. Could I have someone else drive? Probably, but I would like to go. Moderators can call me--they know this. Steve and Martha M will do the pixel check at night. Some people may say--why do you have to go out of state to help a cat--isn't there enough here in Defiance? Well, yes. But, this is something I WANT to do. I've said for a long time, I love the special needs--we do a good job with them and enjoy tending to them. There is never ever enough help for all of them. But, we try to do the best we can for those that we can help. Take good care--I'll keep in touch. I'll be anxious to welcome these two cats to our family.   Jacci