Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday, August 10

First, I have to say Happy Birthday to my daughter Dawn! I love you!

Our Be an Earth Angel adventures continue! We had story time last night after boxes, as we will again tonight! Canton is also putting stories of some of our past cats on the facebook page. Our Feliz Navidad account has grown!! Last night at 6:30 pm, is was........$6,404. Isn't that just terrific?!!! Wow! This is YOUR happenin'--because of YOU! Tonight's total will reflect the checks and cash that we have received so far.

Right now, Purrgeron, Badu, Zelda and Hannah are stretched out on my desk. This must be 34 pounds of cat-weight, anchoring all my papers down. The trouble is, Purrgeron has his foot by the printer and every time it prints, he "helps" by sticking his paw up there, which immediately stops the printer. What to do! They may slow me up a little, but they sure are great desk friends! (At least up here, Purrgeron can't find any cans or jars to stick his head into!)

I talked to Dr. Darci yesterday about Bravo's upcoming surgery. She and Dr. P will be doing the surgery for Bravo. They are all set, have talked about this and feel they can do a great job for our little boy. They've even went over anesthetic protocols and drug usage for him. They are ready! I will be going and staying with him. I'l also keep the mods up to date, so they can post info on the camchat.

Our 2 newbies, Zorca and Tansi will be moving up to Dodger's Pen today. They need more human contact. They've had their bath and are right now sleeping on a warming disk. We used the new yellow hair-dryer. It works great! We may also be opening the door to June's Room today and see how Bennette and Rosetta does--I believe they're thinking it might be nice to cruise about.

This weekend we have visitors! Diego Kitty/Mechele will be arriving today and staying at Kitty Kastle. We also have Linda, Suzie2 and Anne visiting Saturday and Sunday. We are very much looking forward to these visits. The cats are too--I heard a conference going on over in Cat's Corner Room--the cats were discussing ways of making sure our guests feel welcome!

Danae is still keeping track of her "kittens". They're almost as big as she is, but she likes to know where they are. Putter was out and about all night in the Rescue Center, instead of the house. Emaline's skin problems are improved. Tomorrow she will get the 2nd injection of the 3 planned for her. Hope this will give her longer-term relief.

This is a story about Guendolyn. She was a soft gray and white young adult cat that arrived at FFRC on 3/4/03. Her right eye looked just terrible and seemed to be so sore. Dr. P examined her and realized the eye was non-functional and was so deteriorated, it was sunken into her eye socket due to a past injury. She also had an obsessive licking problem, which despite various treatments for the skin, continued. In early April, the eye looked worse and enucleation was recommended. The eye was removed soon after that. Skin tests came back negative and fortunately, following the eye surgery, the licking stopped! Guendolyn was ready then for a permanent home, which she found! A happy ending for a wonderful.

We had BOXES and ENVELOPES and STORIES last night! My sincere thanks.
Penny B from OH--M & M pretzel candy and other volunteer treats, stickers, 4 food cans for the dogs, Wobbler cat toys, 18 fancy feast gravy lovers, 10 appetizers, Hoops & YoYo card
Sherman & Sarah S from Ohio--letter and info about Fayth. They adopted Fayth and love her!
Jodiann M from MI--a card with pictures of her cats, Marissa and family
Kitty City Cat Honey
Honey, a Covie cat. Honey has skin problems that we constantly monitor, sometimes requiring medication. She's a sweetie and loves people.