Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday, August 27

It's raining! What a wonderful sound it is. We are so utterly dry here. I'm sure the ground is just soaking it up. The cats have been watching the raindrops on the windows.

The cats must have had a major party last night. We had a viewer donate 2 big bags of pop tabs for Kellen. During the night, they "accidently" opened the bags (I'm sure they didn't mean to) and scattered hundreds of tabs on the floor. Can you imagine the fun they had? Would like to have had that videoed!

Graciela is climbing all over the furniture with a spring toy in her mouth. FiFi is giving Dennison a big face wash. Avens bathed Derecho again this morning. Darilyn, Miler and Weber are fussing over a big feather and chasing it.

We had a surprise yesterday. Had a hen, called Helen, show up with 5 little baby chicks, just hatched. So very cute. Paul and I gathered her and chicklets up and put them in a big pen for a couple weeks, as the peacocks were way too interested in the babies.

Just an FYI: remember to reread the Chatter's Code of Conduct every once in a while for reminders and updates. This also goes for the guideline rules for our facebook pages. Please know that personal solicitation is not allowed. If you should get any kind of PM's from anyone that you feel isn't proper, please let a mod know or you can e-mail me. Remember, this is about cats, cats and more cats--that's what we do here! Thank you.

We have an announcement to make!! This will be fun! We had 452 people (another one was added!) that made an Earth Angel donation to the Feliz Navidad fund. We are so grateful. At boxes tonight, there will be 10 names drawn that will be sent a magnet that we have reserved for the Catstock celebration! If your name is drawn, we'll send that special magnet out to you right away! See you at Box time!

Another FYI: Many times people ask if it's necessary to do flea control of their newly adopted FFRC cat since it is flea free and is strictly indoors. We encourage continued flea control even in the new adoption home. YOU may be the carrier of fleas--it's easy to go into a home that has fleas and bring home a hitchhiker on your clothes. OR a friend (who may have fleas in his home) may visit YOUR home and bring in a hitchhiker. PREVENTION is so much easier to deal with than an infestation of fleas.
Goodness says: Please don't let your pets have fleas!