Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday, August 21

The wonderful Earth Angel fundraiser is officially over BUT we will always gladly accept donations to be added to the Feliz Navidad fund for our medical needs. We've had 2 awesome weeks of fundraising with you folks! I can now pay off our 2 major medical bills and do it with a great big smile!  We've shared lots of stories about past and present medically needed cats and kittens thru storytime, the blog and facebook. As you know, there will always be more coming in the door and we will continue to do what we can to help them. A "thank you" sounds too simple and not grateful enough, but please know from the bottom of my heart how utterly grateful I am for this fundraiser, made possible by YOU! You viewers, volunteers and visitors never ever cease to amaze me with your kindness and compassion. You are indeed Angels to this Rescue Center!

Here's our total that we had at Boxes last night:  $24,500!!!!!  We had (with help from the cat's iPad) whistles, applause, ka-ching and a drumroll! Then we had lots of confetti (which we then had to clean up right away!). What a fun way of ending our fundraiser!

We BOXES last night. So many people to thank.
Janet B from IL--a lovely card, sardines, magnets of FFRC cats & kittens on them! (some to go home when they are adopted), feather toys for Derecho, FFRC tile plaque, postie notes, clorox wipes, kitty snackers and stickers for our friend Hannah
Mayumi from Japan--sardine flakes, white peach & grape jelly to share, stamps for Jacci's mom, Hello Kitty Stamps and stickers for Hannah
Cynthia H/mnsnowy from MN--hand puppet, lots of samples (shampoo, lotion, etc) for Kitty Kastle, 2 awesome kitty posters!
Penny V--birthday card for Sylvan, cookies for folunteers, 2 round rugs for the Covies, magnetic clips, dry erase markers, 3 dozen Friskie cans, Hoops and YoYo doodle pad/pen
Acatnamedmeow--a Tiger Striped Kitten--oh wait, that was one of our FFRC kits that crawled inside the box!! Small paper plates, case of Fancy Feast, case of Temptaitons and 2 boxes of Q-tips
Elizabeth H from NJ--card, note and pictures from Abby and Becky--the Doodles, sensory toy, catnip & toys,  a large amount and varied kinds of toys (fun, fuzzy, feathery) for all the cats
From Fiver and a nice note from Fiver in Heaven--LOTS of paper plates, can cheese, windup toys, 3 boxes of chocolates for the volunteers, power bars for the volunteers, LOTS of tuna, salmon & sardines (our cabinet for these special foods are full for the time being!!!)
Henry R Peep & Ohmyguiness--birthday card for Sylvan and kittie treats for Sylvan, Covies, Porchies and Barnies
Auntie Julie--a "thinking of you" card and gift Wal-Mart card for Magenta, 3 books of stamps. Magentta sends her love to Auntie Julie
Lizmo, Karen B, Pat L, Carol O, Annette L --coupons
Patricia S/whiteeagle from PA--picture of her cats Aries and Lewes and a Feliz Navidad card
Family of Zander--card and a picture of Zander!
Hilda & Eric G from TX--picture of their kitties Smoke and Abby
Dewitty--card for our girl Hannah
Tami L from AZ--a very nice letter of support
Carol R from DE--donation made thru PayPal, in memory of Sasha, Satin, Rustie, Tippy and Rex
Gusti from Germany--donation made thru PayPal for water & juice for volunteers & guests

I was made aware yesterday, that our kitty cam has now received 4,004,312 views! That is astronomical. I very well remember the first 25 and 100, then 1000 views! Just amazing. We are so thankful for our webcam friends.

Because we've had so many newbie kitties come in lately, we'll give you a rundown of them!
Oban, black/white, male  (pronounced oh-bun)
Galway, gold tiger, male  (pronounced gaul-way)
Callaway, marble gold tiger, male
Harlow, torti, female (beige up right eye & rt. front foot toe is beige)
Harper, torti, female (rt. side of chin is beige)
Tansi, brown tiger, female
Zorka, black/white, female (white on chest & tummy)
Liberty, calico/torti/tiger blend, female
Drake, black/white, male (black dot under chin, like Octavias)
Roadinia, black, medium hair, female