Saturday, August 25, 2012

Saturday night, August 25

Hundreds and hundreds, if not thousands of people know about our little friend, Hannah. Hannah loves FFRC and especially Putter and the 2 Paddy boys. We all know that Hannah has been very ill and in the hospital. When her mom updates me, I've been passing on the information about our Hannah. Here is the latest update:

"We are still in ICU. Hannah has sepsis now. She had been scheduled for a trach this past week when she deteriorated quickly. She is receiving treatment for the sepsis. I'm sure you are probably aware of how serious it is. She is heavily sedated as she has an endotracheal tube hooked to a vent and an OG down her esophagus to decompress her tummy. They are trying to support all her systems until her body can get back in balance and heal itself. Things escalated Aug 11th at home when she became acidotic and quit breathing. She rode the ambulance with her Dad to Lutheran and then was med-flighted here.
Sorry to deliver all this bad news. BUT, I have seen this little girl overcome a lot over the years. We have her computer in ICU and keep the kitties on for her. She is really too sedated right now to be aware of anything (which is good). Just asking for prayers. We know everyone is concerned."

So, please, send prayers up for Hannah. She is a dear little girl that loves life and kitties. Will keep you posted.