Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday, August 13

WOW!!! Our campaign to help replenish the Feliz Navidad Fund thru the Earth Angel fundraiser is going super great. Many many heartfelt thanks to you all. Daily you will see a story about a past or present cat in the FFRC's facebook page by Canton. She is a terrific storyteller about our FFRC cats! You will also hear stories about FFRC cats at BOX time each night this week. In the daily blogs will also be a written storytime!

Please know that if you cannot donate, that is fine! We understand. We simply enjoy sharing our cats and kitties with everyone thru the kittycam. We've had a few people who have donated $1.00 and $2.00 gifts. I have promised to use every single penny that is donated wisely. But, please know, that your moral support is hugely important to me, as is your clicks on the cam ads. And remember, it was by your voting clicks that we won the weekly prize last week for $1,000! Many thanks to you ALL.

I am truly reminded of the Lean on Me song and the other one I love is You've Got a Friend. We have made so many friends that we feel we are woven together like family. It's a good thing!

Our totals so far for Earth Angel fundraiser for the Feliz Navidad Fund:

Our little newbie kitten Liberty is such a doll--for no bigger than she is, she sure can purr! She's still just half eating by herself so we will continue to syringe feed her. The other 2 newbies--Zorca and Tansi continue to be held alot to give them confidence to be around people. We have visitors today from Indiana--Medic and her mom Belinda. They will help with giving lots of attention to all the cats!

Danae has decided she's a "licking cat". She licks legs, elbows, feet, even toes! Not sure what this is about, but she's sure enjoying it! Maybe because her "kittens" don't want her to bathe them anymore?!

We had an adoption yesterday! Our sweet Sundance was adopted. He went into a home where the new mama is so very excited about having her. I'm thrilled for Sundance. She said that she'll post pictures in facebook for everyone.

We also had a returned kitten--Faleena was returned. Please know that when we have a returned kitten or cat, the owner is honoring the signed contract. ANY cat adopted from FFRC that needs to be returned, whether it's 2 days or 20 years, or for a good reason or for no reason, we want them back! I'm always thankful for the owner being responsible and returning he/she to FFRC. So, welcome back, Faleena!

Our vet's office is in the running for one of their cats to win the bragging rights of having the 2012 Pet Idol of the Year! They called this morning and asked us to help Spore win. It does cost $1 to vote, but they will make a donation to their local shelter with all the winnings! If you'd like to help SPORE win, please vote for him by going to:, then click on the Pet Idol link and it'll take you to Spore! Good luck, Spore!

Here is the story of Trooper: One Saturday evening in June, 2004, a mother and her daughter arrived at FFRC, carrying a little orange and white kitten. They saw him being mauled by a large dog and stopped to help. His front right leg was gone and his little face was mangled. We gently and carefully treated his wounds, and kept him as comfortable as possible. Over the weekend, he received fluids, antibiotics and pain meds. On Monday morning he went to the vets and surgery was immediately done. Lucky little Trooper found a loving home that very day, as one of the vet's staff fell in love with him and wanted to adopt him!. He recooperated at FFRC and then went to his new forever home.

I want to say a huge big gigantic thanks to our volunteers. These volunteers are awesome. They give so much of their time, love and compassion to this Rescue Center. Without them, FFRC would not be possible.