Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesday, August 28

Graciela and Zorca are playing together with the track ball. One on one side, one on the other, batting the ball back and forth to each other. 3 white cats sleeping together--Penn, Teller and Miau all snugged together. Roadinia and Liberty are tussling and have just completed 4 complete turnovers while still wrestling.

Our grooming tub continues to be a favorite playing area. Just add a couple ping pong balls and coil toys inside the tub, and it becomes an instant playground! Fun to watch--I saw 5 kittens in there at the same time playing this morning.

We have a new kitten that arrived on Sunday. She's a sweet little thing--about 5-6 weeks old. A tiger with a slight tortiness to her. She was very very hungry upon arrival. Another FIY--found in yard and no mama or other kittens around. Her name is Seraphina, which is another name from the Name that Cat from the Catathon list. She's doing very well. Had a lot of fleas, but with capstar and a cleaning bath, she looks and feels much better!

We had visitors yesterday. A webcam friend, Linda C from Florida came with her mom, Kathy and friend Ruth, also both from Florida. They visited and petted all the FFRC cats, the porchies and covies and visited the farmyard. We also had another visitor, Lyndell from Halifax Nova Scotia who has been staying with our volunteer Ruth this summer. Very nice to have these visitors.

We had BOXES last night! We're ever so grateful to you.
AbbyTabbysMomma--2 cases Royal Canin baby canned food, KMR liquid, 2 bags Royal Canin dry baby kitten and 1 bag Royal Canin kitten dry food
PW--wavy Cat Scratch and Play
Gena R from FL--case of Purrfectly Chickenn, case of Frisky Meaty Bits and 2 BIG bags of pop tabs for Kellen!
Whitney H in OH--card, stickers and tattoos for Hannah, donation for FFRC, activity mat & a catnip mouse toy
Betz & Binky from OH--25 jars of turkey baby food
Lovebug/Pam --lots of cans of sardines, letter and a donation for FFRC
Susan TC in Defiance--donation for FFRC
Sherry & David W in NY--pictures and a card for Bravo. Pictures were of her cat Missy with her son David, Michelle with horse Ginger and 2 other cats Dreams and Dancer and one of their chickens.
Betty W from VA and Samantha the cat--a card and donation for FFRC, in memory of Bravo

Because of the wonderful success of the Earth Angel fundraiser for the Feliz Navidad fund, we decided to do something extra fun! We have a magnet, specifically for our Catstock. We picked 12 names from our mailing list and those 12 people will receive that magnet!

Betony--the mama of the Fiver gang.