Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tuesday, August 14

Happy Birthday to Octavia!! She arrived here 9/29/09 at 6 1/2 weeks old. She was such a tiny little kitten. Today she is 3 years old. She's already gotten an Appetizer for her birthday breakfast! She also received a box in the mail yesterday, for BOX time! In it was a letter from Octavia to Canton asking her to purchase a shopping cart. Which Canton did--it was in the box, along with a shopping bag! Canton's letter to Octavia included a map and directions to our local supermarket. So, I discovered this morning that the shopping cart has wet wheels--obviously Octavia used her map and found her way to the supermarket. So, THAT'S why she's been napping already this morning--she's tired from her trip!

It's a cool morning and the kittens and cats have been very frisky. Right now, Bravo, Butterbur and Durell are speeding by me. Derecho is in the donut pillow play fighting with Campion. Farrah, Obadiah and Dennison are zooming around on the catwalks above me. Oh, to have such energy--I love to watch them!

Emaline is doing really good. She still has a few sores, but with her 2 injections under her now, they appear to be healing. One more injection for her--a week from Saturday. She has been spending a lot of time in the house. You can tell she enjoys it. Sometimes if I doze off and am on the couch, I'll wake up to her laying on me and purring! Putter seems to like the house too. He waits for me to finish my breakfast and enjoys a few licks of milk.

FFRC is sending out a prayer request. Our little friend, Hannah, that watches the cam all the time, is in the hospital. Her mom has asked for prayers. The cats and kitties have provided Hannah with a lot of entertainment. We have all grown to love this sweet girl. I'll keep you posted.

We had two adoptions yesterday! Raymond and Frogger went to the same home, together! The young man that adopted them was here last week and picked them out. We also took in 2 more adults. Felton was adopted from here 7/2008. He had been born here to Sister Sadie. Felton is a BIG white boy cat, now 4 1/2 years old. His housefriend also came with him. Her name is GraceAnn. She's a long hair grey female, very nice and is 7 years old. Their dad has recently passed away and their mom has to move away and cannot take them with her. So....they are here, relaxing in Thumper's Room for now.

We continue with our Be an Earth Angel fundraiser! This has been so exciting. More stories continue at BOX time and on the facebook. Our new total as of last night is..........$12,603!!! How so very exciting! This means the world to me and FFRC. Gives us a comforting feeling, knowing we can continue with our medical needs. On to more stories!!

We had BOXES last night.
TippyNTraylor and Ashley too--10 packages of paper plates
Elizabeth M from MI--coupons, purple collar for Bella and a snuggle toy for Bravo for after his surgery. Her kitties are Ginny and Ariel
Judy B from WA--coupons
Cathi B--12 Fancy Feast appetizers
Annonymous Friend--3 cases of Royal Canin baby can food and 3 cases of Fancy Feast kitten can
Mary K/McKane--2 cases of Fancy Feast kitten can and a case of Gravy Sensations and a case of Friskies can
Cindy H/Chaqua from MO--10 beautiful fleece homemae pillow cases (in memory of her cats Tula & PeeWee). We had pictures of these 2 sweet cats also.

Tomorrow is Bravo's surgery. His surgery probably will start mid-morning. I am planning on taking Bravo and staying for the duration. He will come back home to FFRC tomorrow. We will have June's Room all ready for him. I will keep the mods updated with whatever is happening. Look for their posts on the chat and facebook. Be patient for postings! Prayers are welcomed and appreciated.
Happy 3rd Birthday, Octavia! She's cleaning her toes from her big breakfast!
Our sweet Bravo--he's all ready for his surgery for tomorrow.