Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Weds., August 29

I thought we were going to have to have a rowboat come save us all here. We had a water spillage (again!) and flooded the far side of the Rescue Center. Our drain was covered up with a litterbox, so the water had no where to go. With 3 of us cleaning up, it didn't take long to get the job done! The cats and kittens sure enjoyed the action! Ginseng, Dolan and Cypress were wading thru it. Shortly after this clean up, one of the cats flipped over an entire BIG bowl of dry food--all over the freshly swept floor. Oh well--things happen!

Kathy R was here last night and put her touch of art to a cat shelf and a cabinet door. The sayings she puts on are always so touching and colorful. Adds a lot of character. Thanks, Kathy. Badu must've been helping Kathy, as she has bright red paint on her leg. We'll get that off of her today.

Today, the 5 kittens, Oban, Galway, Callaway, Harlow, Harper were moved to Cat's Corner Room--across the hallway from June's Room. This will give them a much bigger room to play in and get them ready for their next step--entrance into the main area!

We have a major leak in the metal roof of Cat's Cove. And we also have 2 small leaks in the metal roof of Kitty City. Both of these roofs are on the Needs Repaired List, as these are both must fix problems. I believe Paul and Jimmy both are going to start tackling this job today. The Cat's Cove roof is 18 feet high.

We will have BOXES tonight! There are already 3 waiting for this evening from Tuesday's deliveries.

Today we will have a visitor that will be staying in Kitty Kastle. It's one of our moderators, Peekabookitty! She is from MA. We are thrilled to have her visit FFRC. Thanks to Sigrid for picking her up in Bryan and driving her here this morning.

Yesterday we had 2 big flies get into the Rescue Center. What a fun time the kittens had trying to catch them. The cats just watched the antics of the kittens. There must've been 9-10 of them all involved trying to get those 2 flies. Then, Octavia arrived and she made quick work of those flies--down the hatch they went. She certainly has something about eating bugs.

We had visitors here yesterday. They were looking for a kitten and immediately they fell for Frith. He will be leaving next week. We still also have a hold on Purrgeron. Our sweet Everett is on a hold and will be leaving this weekend. Still waiting on the family that wants Filbert to finalize their plans.

Farrah says that she is indeed getting her meds twice a day! No seizures for her!
Beautiful Faleena--she has so much love to give.