Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thursday, August 23

As I'm sitting here, Ginseng is beside me, half dozing. I swear this sweet boy has a huge smile on his face. He's probably dreaming of what orneriness he can get into today. His big feet are something else--betting he'll be a big boy when all grown. Little Miau is also here in office, playing with one of the new toys--she's skittering all over the floor with it. Not a care in the world!

Today the door is open to June's Room. All 4 of the kittens, Zorka, Liberty, Drake and Roadinia are already out and about. Seems relaxed, ate breakfast with the other cats and are already playing. I love that when they don't need too much adjustment time. Donna is busy this morning cleaning Thumper's Room and those 5 kittens in this room sure make the "job" more fun. They have now graduated to running up and down the steps to their pen--no more walking. Won't be long until we move them to a room here in the main area.

There's a possible upcoming adoption for Filbert. I got the second call on him last night! Hope this works out as I feel he will be much happier in a quieter atmosphere. We'll keep you posted. Weber, Faleena and Avens are having a tussel fight--not sure who's going to win, but they're all having fun!

We had BOXES last night! Many, many thanks. The volunteers are also appreciative of the goodies that are sent for them.
Anonymous--a case of baby food
Nancy/Kerswill--a wonderful letter from her kitty Domino, pictures of her cats and a donation in memory of Nutmeg and Bravo, 2 books of stamps, assorted blank thank you notes and postie notes. For the covies, porchies and barnies: a bed for each area, temptation treats, Friskies can food and Fancy Feast Appetizers. For Octavia: a catnip toy and a card for her birthday.
Paul_M--cat booties, no skid kind, for Derecho. We will try them out today!
Joyce D in CA--a card and donation in memory of Bravo
Anonymous--assorted candy and gum for the volunteers (thanks--we love to be spoiled!!)
Richard & Cynthia S and Sasha--a letter and picture of their kitty, Sasha and a donation in memory of Bravo
Holly W--doritos for Diane to share with the cats(!). For Steve who loves Detroit: Lions cooking aprons, redwings apron, Lions hot pads and table pads and 2 matching aprons, a Lions & Pistons fleece throw. Doggie treats, kitty treats a Rock and Roll toy for the cats to play on and treats for the volunteers
Kelly R from CA & food from her co-workers--step stool, assorted cat toys, 2 Pounce treats, baby food, 2 cases of Fancy Feast, assorted gum and candy for the volunteers, a case of batteries, sardines and salmon, Appetizers, flashlight, brown envelopes, calculator, scissors, pens, baby wipes, 2 vita gravy

FYI: there will be an upcoming exciting message coming out on Monday! No hints given yet!

At this very moment, there are 19 cats in the office with me and every single one of them is sleeping! They were playing hard, but nap time came over them! So peaceful.
We have been "rolling" Derecho on his new green plastic ball. Once he relaxes, he seems to enjoy the movement. We'll try anything to help him be happy!
Sweet Cyrilla. Once she gets to know a person, she relaxes and is ever so sweet!