Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday, August 12

We took in a new kitten a few days ago. She's very unique in her looks--a torti/calico blend--very interesting markings. She arrived here after being another one of those "just found" kittens. She had a few fleas, much dirt in her ears, very thin and with an upper respiratory infection. But, that kitten sure can purr and knead! Michelle, one of our weekend visitors, took it upon herself to be Aunti! She syringe fed her for us all day Saturday, as the kitten didn't want to eat by herself. After many syringes and passing many roundworms, she finally decided to eat a bit on her own last night! Michelle has named her Liberty! This is a real lover bug kitten! She's on antibiotics, special foods, eye drops and ear drops.

Last night we had BOXES!
Utah 47 and her cat Tommy--a very nice letter, a neat stuffed chicken that plays the Dancing Chicken song (which has been played numerous times already!) and some paracord bracelets that she made, to be given to some of the kids here--ever so nice of you!
TippyNTraylor and Ashley too from FL--a big case of Charmin Toilet paper and candy treats for the volunteers
Caren F from CA--a PayPal donation to sponsor Betony

We are continuing with our Be an Earth Angel fundraiser. Remember to check out the facebook page to catch the stories too by Cantoncat. They are truly awesome reminders of some of our past cats!

Last night we had an update on the total for the Feliz Navidad fund, which is growing thanks to you, our Angels here on Earth! Last night's update was ...........$9,910!!!! There is only one word for this and it is awesome! And another word--gratefulness from US!

Here is a story about PETE. Pete arrived on June 3, 2004. He was an all white cat and arrived in poor condition. Two weeks prior to his arrival, he had been hit by a car and severely injured. He stayed under the porch of the family who rescued him. It took them days to coax him out from under the porch. When he arrived, he was terribly thin and frightened and his right rear leg had a nasty compound fracture, which required an amputation. Following the amputation, the surgery site abcessed. Pete continued on antibiotics and soreness meds and as he healed and filled out, his wonderful personality emerged--a sweet boy that loved to be cuddled. He was adopted into a home with a family that wanted him very much.

Here is a story about Deetle. Deetle arrived in 2004. He was a very old oldster who the family no longer wanted. Sometimes I think people think that "old age" is a disease. Heavens forbid--we ALL, hopefully, have the blessing of growing old! Deetle arrived, familly left and he adjusted beautifully to his new home here at FFRC. He only lived for another 7-8 months, but what a good time he had. He was doted on, brushed daily, given whatever food he wanted and was just enjoyed by us! He knew he was loved. So, even though his time was short with us, it felt "ok", as we knew he appreciated and enjoyed his time here at FFRC.